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加拿大系统工程教学论文 Systems Engineering Educati

加拿大系统工程教学论文 Systems Engineering Education


Andrew P. Sage, Life Fellow, IEEE
Abstract—We discuss some basic principles underlying systems
engineering, and the translation of these principles to practices
such as to enable the engineering of trustworthy systems of all types
that meet client needs. This special issue is concerned with systems
engineering education. Thus, it is inherently also concerned with
systems engineering, as this provides a major component of the
material that is important for systems engineering education. After
setting forth some of the necessary ingredients for success in systems
engineering, we devote some comments to objectives for and
needs in systems engineering education.
Index Terms—Engineering education, knowledge engineering,
systems engineering.
THE PAPER is concerned with the engineering of systems,
or systems engineering. It is also concerned with the processes
needed to bring about trustworthy systems in an effective
and efficient manner.We are also and especially concerned with
strategic level systems engineering, or systems management,
that is needed to select an appropriate process and ways to provide
technical direction over this process. We begin our effort
by first discussing the need for systems engineering, and then
providing several definitions of systems engineering. We next
present a structure describing the systems-engineering process.
The result of this is a lifecycle model for systems engineering
processes. This is used to motivate discussion of the functional
levels, or considerations, involved in systems engineering efforts:
• systems engineering methods and tools, or technologies
• a systems methodology, or process, as a set of phased activities
that support efforts to engineer the system, and
• systems management.
Fig. 1 illustrates the natural hierarchical relationship among
these levels. Systems engineers are very concerned with each of
these three functional levels. Products (and services) are engineered
through the use of an appropriate process, or processes.
The tailoring of a process for use on a specific instance is accomplished
through systems management. The drivers of systems



management include the external opportunities and pressures,

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