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Web2.0 gradually became the core of web technique revolution

Abstract:There is no denying that the number of applications in internet has become more and more. Technical revolution has never stopped. In recent years, web2.0 gradually became the core of web technique revolution. Web2.0 is a group of new technique or new concept. AJAX is one of the popular technologies that are chosen by many developers and company to build their web side. Ajax is a web client-side technology. It’s based on combination of a number of new technologies. The character of Ajax is client side can make asynchronous interaction with server-side. It means when user click a button or do some operate in the page, he do not necessary wait whole page to refresh.  The experience of user is not interrupted by user do operate in web application. the capability client side is improved, the press of server side has a certain degree of reduce, and scalability of web applications is also improved.
The Technical Features of Ajax is different from traditional web technique in many aspects in web development. Although it is a problem that develops a web side using web2.0 technique to instead traditional web side, we can hardly fide a business or popular web side use web1.0 technique in now days.
This project is based on the development of web technique. Start from history of world-wild-web. I will describe the reason of Ajax technique become more and more popular. And do a research for Ajax technique, rest web server and discussing the advertisement of Ajax/rest.
History of the development of internet
Www and internet
The origin and development of web
Web2.0 generation
The Internet is a platform
Project aim
Advance of Ajax technique
Ajax and traditional web working principle
Case research for Ajax
Comparative test Ajax technology
Ajax technique research
Ajax technique
Architecture Style research
Web service with the way in REST
Resource identifier
Ajax/rest web server
Key property
Progress view
Evaluate of Ajax/rest

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