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The Development of China’s Internet Banking

The Development of China’s Internet Banking

Table of Contents

Abstract 3
1. Introduction of the research 4
1.1 Background knowledge 4
1.2. Research objectives 7
1.3. Outline of the research 8
2. Literature review 9
2.1 General trend of development 9
2.2 A large potential of individual service 16
2.3 A fast increase of Internet banking users 16
2.4 A significant increase of the individual market 17
2.5 Developed areas will dominate the market 17
3. General environment of China’s Internet banking: the development of E-commerce 18
3.1. Business-to-business E-commerce 19
3.2 Business-to-Consumer E-commerce 21
3.3 Consumer-to- Consumer E-commerce 22
3.4 Financial Infrastructure 23
3.4.1 Policy and Tax Regulation Models 24
3.4.2 Security and Privacy 25
3.4.3 Intellectual property protection 25
3.4.4 Censorship 26
4. The current situation and information management of China’s web banking industry 26
4.1. The current situation 27
4.1.1. Account Analysis 28
4.1.2. Account Reconciliation Services 28
4.1.3. Check and Statement Imaging 29
4.1.4. Quick and convenient account access 29
4.2. Information management of China’s web banking industry 29
4.2.1 The collection of personal information 30
4.2.2. Measures to guarantee security and information Accuracy 30
4.2.3. The sharing of Internet banking information 31
5. Service quality of Internet bank in China 32
5.1 The embarrassment of traditional banking services judgment principles 32
5.2 How to measure China’s online banking quality? 33
5.3 Online service quality analysis 36
5.4 Problems that deserve attention 38
5.5. Measurements 38
5.5.1 Beware of financial innovation 38
5.5.2 Nurturing the financial market on the basis of technological innovation 39
5.5.3 Enhancing the awareness of financial brand management 39
6. Customer-oriented service environment of China’s Internet banking service 40
7. China’s mobile phone online service: a case study 45
7.1 Introduction of mobile phone banking service 45
7.2 The security of mobile banking service 46
7.3 Advantage of the service 47
8. Primary findings 49
8.1. Purpose description 49
8.2. Research procedures 50
8.2.1 Choosing respondents 50
8.3. Designing of the questionnaire 50
8.4. Report of the research 52
8.4.1 Description of the related concepts 52
8.4.2 Analytical methodology 52
8.4.3 Report of the investigation 52
9. Conclusion 60
Comments on the research 61
I. Research experience gained 61
II. Difficulties 62
References: 63


The fast pace of computer and Internet technologies is one of the main features of the modern age. This serves as the technological premise of the rapid development of China’s Internet banking industry. This research paper tries to discuss the development of China’s Internet bank from the perspective of marketing competition and the improvement of managerial methodologies. First of all, a brief introduction  about the general development of China’s Internet banking service is conducted in order to supply a background of the study, focusing specifically the marketing potential of this new form of financial service. Then the market preparation of China’s Internet banking is analyzed by the application of the data of E-commerce started in Guangzhou at the beginning of the 1980’s. Following this analysis, the author tries to build up a workable evaluation tool for the judgment of the online banking service as a whole, paying specific attention between the natural relationship between the customers and the provider of the banking services. Here an emphasis about the managerial as well as marketing principle is introduced to the reader, i.e., the customer-oriented service and the importance of gaining profits and market share for modern financial enterprise. At last, the general characteristics of China’s online banking service is summarized in order to generalize the endeavors of China’s financial organizations to adopt suitable strategies to improve the relationship between the enterprise itself and the customers. In the meanwhile, some typical examples of representative banks in transferring marketing strategies is clarified in order to build up a panoramic view about the humane method taken by these financial organizations to develop the industry.

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