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coursework怎么写:英国财务报告评估Financial reporting assessed coursework

Obtain a copy of the latest available published annual report and accounts of a listed UK company of your choice. These accounts will comply with International Accounting Standards. Do not select insurance and shipping companies. Do not use summary financial statements. Do not use Tesco plc as we will refer to these financial statements during the module.coursework怎么写获取一份可用的最新公布的年度报告及账目英国的上市公司,你的选择。这些帐户将遵守国际会计准则。不要选择保险公司及船务公司。不要使用汇总财务报表。不要使用易购的PLC,因为我们将参考这些财务报表中的模块。


Basted on the information available in the company’s annual report, and any other relevant financial information (e.g. in the company’s website, share prices or the London Stock Exchange Website) answer the following.烤的公司,星光大道年度报告,以及任何其他相关的财务信息(例如,在该公司提供的信息,AOS网站,股价在伦敦证券交易所网站),回答以下问题。


Part one:第一部分:


Describe, explain and evaluate each of the following:描述,解释和评估每一个以下:
The company’s activities (e.g. types of product/service; markets; recent history; developments etc.)公司,AOS活动(如类型的产品/服务,市场最近的历史发展等),
该公司在相关会计期间的会计期间结束时它的位置在AOS的财务表现。 (包括,例如,使用的主要会计数据的分析,股价,企业的CEO和CFO的财务报表,会计比率和财务分析等手段)的评论。
The company’s financial performance in the relevant accounting period and its position at the end of the accounting period. (Include, for example, analysis of key accounting numbers, the use of share prices, the reviews of the business by the CEO and CFO in the financial statements, accounting ratios, and other means of financial analysis).


Part Two:第二部分:

Explain and evaluate how the company has applied key international accounting standards. This should include an explanation of the key presentation, disclosure, recognition and measurement issues in the financial statements and in the notes to the financial statements.解释和评估公司是如何应用的关键的国际会计准则。这应包括介绍,信息披露,确认和计量问题的关键在财务报表中的财务报表附注中说明。




Your assignment should be submitted both (1) using “turn-it-in”. and (2) in hard copy.(1),Äúturn的,AU,应提交你的作业。和(2)在硬拷贝。
 Citation in the reporting should write the number of papers in the annual report.

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