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How to Write a Law Essay 如何撰写法律论文

How to Write a Law Essay 如何撰写法律论文
Law essays can be tricky to begin with, as they often require a great deal of research on an ever-changing and unfamiliar topic. Here are some tips to help you create a good law essay.

Begin by reading the question carefully. Underline any keywords you notice.
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2、Read through your main textbook on this particular topic. Note any resources they have used in their writing (you can often do this by looking at the footnotes) and make a note of these. You can take notes on what you find relevant to your essay as you go along or you can just store the information in your head for now - different things work for different people!

3、Work through your list of additional resources, doing the same as you did for your original textbook. This will probably result in a very long list. Make life easier on yourself and opt to read the most recent sources on your list first, as these will have the most up-to-date information. In addition, the most recent articles will also have discussed, argued for and against and reached conclusions on the listed prior articles listed, so this will ease your reading burden! From the most recent arguments, you should be able to deduce which are the most important older articles to follow up. You may also find articles you did not catch earlier that are gems of knowledge.

4、Start writing your essay. Use a plan that helps you tease apart the different elements of the question, to ensure that you cover everything. Bring in new information that you haven't covered in the course or that isn't in the main textbook if possible. Definitely develop your own original thoughts as well, backing these up with precedents and other authors' discussions. Professors like to read essays that step out of the run-of-the-mill and display innovative thinking and initiative.(英国论文网

5、Be broad in your thinking. Don't necessarily limit yourself to law. Think of related subjects such as politics, economics, psychology etc., that may have extra insights into the subject-matter on which you're writing that will give you a special angle that other students may not have considered (or are too disorganised to obtain!).

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