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Marketing Essay精选范文展示

At first, we should know what is marketing.In our book,Marketing is a social and managerial process whereby individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others.In my idea,it is a process that some people offer something to exchange what they want.

  Before you start,there are some important points that you should know.
  1.People’ need,wants and demands.Need is a state which people need something.Wants is People’ desire.If you have enough money to make your wants be achieved,then wants become demands.When People want to spend their money,they can satisfy their wants and demands by exchanging.

  2.What kind of people will be your customs.Where do you want to sell your product.So, it is necessary for you to know the change of people.How old are your customs,how much money do they earn every month,how about their education.It is easy to understand different ages have different needs.You can not sell a cup of coffee to a baby,right?And different gender have different need,too.Don’t you think it is funny to sell a piece of sanitary napkin to a gentleman?Salary divide people into different groups.In China,a farmer can not afford a expensive car. In a word,decided whose money you want get.If you want get more money,just choose a suit place to be your store.You should think about the fee of transport,the people around your place,the environment and the possible opponent.For example,if you want to run a fast food shop,close to the high school is a good idea.Remember if your customs are not satisfy with your place,that will be a big problem.

  3.You need to make your product be known by your customs.So,do a advertisement for your products.Make sure the way that you make a advertisement is appropriate for your customs.Make a advertisement on TV,begin a promotion or distribute some leaflets?It is necessary to know all kinds of medias’ advantage and disadvantage.Newspaper is on time,but can not spread fast and widely.TV has more attraction,it includes action,picture and voice,but its cost are usually too expensive.Radio has lower cost,but it only has voice and less audiences.Magazine is credible and well-known,but it also has expensive cost and you can not promise that you can have a good enough layout. In fact,in nowadays,the power of internet are beyond our imagine,so,use its power reasonably.It has lower cost and can spread fast.You should choose the best way to make your products to be know.And choose the advertisement time is important,too.If you decide to sell your products at April,maybe you should choose April to do a good advertisement. At the same time,take care of your service,cause good service can create many customs,then they will tell another people the information about your products.

  4.You should know your customs’ buying behavior.If your products are expensive,customs will pay more attention on choosing the thing what they want because they afraid that they waste their too much money.At this time,you’d better let your customs believe your products,so you can do more advertisement,provide more information,provide better after-sale service and so on.Maybe now,you want to know how does your customs’ buying behavior run.Let me tell you.Customs’ motive ,perception and attitude will have a big influence on their buying behavior. Motive is a reason for people to do something,you can not sell a thing if your customer have no need of your product.And you should know how deep do your customer need your product,what kind of product do they really need. Perception is what people understand about something,with same influences,people usually have different perception.Analyzing people’ perception can help you much.Attitude is the feeling about something.I have to say that attitude is hard to exchange,every company should suit your own attitude.You can not change the attitude unless your use many many money. But in fact,the group around your customs,the social,the family of custom,the culture can influent their buying behavior. 

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