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论茶叶和咖啡经营 The Tea Leaf & Coffee Bean

导读:这篇论文主要就咖啡豆和茶叶的公司商业经营作了论述,主要从特殊的营销策略、经营策略、产品和商品的质量以及咖啡豆和茶叶的弱点等方面进行了系统的论述,为我们进行商业论文写作角度等方面提供参考。本论文由英国论文网出国留学中心留学生作业频道Marketing Essay 专栏整理推荐。

论茶叶和咖啡 The Tea Leaf & Coffee Bean

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ® is a coffee chain company that produces Californian-based coffee. The company was founded by 2 people, Mona and Herbert Hyman.

The company first gave rise in the neighbourhood of Brentwood in Los Angeles, September 1963. The Coffee Bean today has many locations all over the world including San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Honolulu and all over Southern California including Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Ventura. Many “Coffee Beans stores” which are found outside of California are franchises.

Most of these stores that are located all around the world are franchised. A great entrepreneur, Victor Sassoon, from Singapore had a vision of expanding the company Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ® and therefore opened locations throughout Southeast Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines many more.

Accommodating to the current society which is rich in technology and to cater to consumers' having demands to be online 24/7, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf offers Wi-Fi Internet access at virtually all company-owned stores and franchise stores. The company started installing the Wi-Fi units in mid 2008 and many stores had the wireless service by the third-quarter of the year. The service is totally free and does not require any types of registration or payment.

The purpose of this report is to identify the company's potential growth throughout the years as it started from a small coffee stall by using the help on marketing strategy analysis. With a good marketing strategy, a small coffee stall would be able to grow to become a huge franchise company.

The purpose of identifying the different roles is to basically tessayell us that Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ® is proud to present their extended services by taking the extra mile to allow customers to reach Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ® in the nearest way and convenient way by providing delivery services and so on.

Lastly, the aim of this report is to allow us to identify and make sure that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ® would be able to out win other coffee companies like Starbucks and The Coffee Connoisseur.

In this report, certain marketing analysis would be done on the company to achieve the objectives. Due to the limitation of history of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ® the step by step process of how The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ® gradually grows would be touched on. However, research would be used to prove how the company managed to grow to a huge franchise company today from a small coffee stall.

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