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Why is it important for marketers to ‘delight' their customers? Use examples
from your experience as a consumer to support your answer.
The emergence of customer-focused marketing and the digital revolution have given customers a dominant position in contemporary market (Kumar et al, 2006). Many companies consequently aim to provide superior customer experiences and to delight their customers (Arnold et al, 2005). This essay identifies two significant changes which have resulted in customer delight becoming indispensable in the marketing era. It then discusses the impacts of the need to delight customers by defining the term, and describing the benefits of delighting customers and the consequences of failing to satisfy them.

顾客喜悦有了相当大的影响的业务。它的结果是提供显着额外的或意料之外的价值超过客户的期望。仅仅满足顾客可以轻易缺陷同类竞争对手只有最低限度可接受的满意度提供。换句话说,高兴的顾客更有可能保持忠诚,并经常返回重复业务。Customer delight has had a considerable impact on business. It is the outcome of delivering significantly extra or unanticipated value which exceeds customer's expectations. Merely satisfied customers can defect to similar competitors easily if only minimally acceptable satisfaction is provided (Kotler and Keller, 2006). An example from my own experiences is that I recently ate a Chinese restaurant in Southampton where provided the best tasted Dim-Sum I have never had in my life. I then began to go there frequently and even took some friends there to dine together. This illustrates how delighting customers benefits companies by providing sustainable income and free advertising.(英国论文网

In contrast, it is possible for customers who have had an unpleasant experience with a business to complaint about it to their friends or to post their dissatisfaction to online communities. Such negative publicity can damage a company's reputation considerably by discouraging other potential customers to purchase from the company, thereby having a negative impact on sales. Thus, marketers clearly need to identify the determinants of customer-perceived value, and use it to maximize the value their offers deliver in order to gain the benefits of customer delight.

The concept of delighting customers has become a crucial issue in contemporary marketing due to two significant changes, which have transformed the capabilities of both companies and consumers.

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