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(英国利物浦大学marketing essay)Report on Market Segmentation ofAUSS

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Report on Market Segmentation ofAUSSINO COUNTRY in China

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1 Industry Overview
1.2 Brand Overview
2. Environmental Analysis
   2.1 Economic Environment
   2.2 Geographic Environment
   2.3 Demographic Environment
   2.4 Psychological and Behaviour Analysis
3. Customer Analysis
4. Target Market Identification
   4.1 Primary target market
   4.2 Secondary target market
5. Conclusion
6. References

1. Introduction

1.1 Industry Overview

The Aussino was funded in US as a small business  manufacturing home textile. Eventually, Aussino grew to become the United States’ leading home textile manufacturer. In order to tap into the global market, AUSSINO develops its production technology, research and design, market and organization management, and etc. Now, Aussino promotes the product and services in 22 countries around the world such as Canada, USA, the UK, Australia, China, Korea, Malaysia with more then 8,000 commercial networks . In China, Aussino has set up 338 point-of-sales in 31 cities. The main stores are mainly located in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong .

Aussino holds the company mission, which is to grow the global market through product innovation, effective distribution network and unique marketing strategies, to provide customers the great comfort, stylish, superior quality products with the concept of ‘ where home is where the heart is’ .

1.2 Brand Overview

Aussino home textile possesses over 11 brands series—Aussino Fashion, Aussino Kids, Royal Symphony, Aussino Baby, Senze, Aussino Whites, Soie D’ete, Aussino Country, Now, Sino and Inspire at present. The brand—Aussino Country, emphasizes the warm and soft feeling of home, to offer customers the products with anti tranditional colors. In a nutshell, the brand preserves the intrinsic value consistently, which is to provide customers the high quality life with superior quality product and impeccable services.

2. Environmental Analysis

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