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Marketing Essay:电子商务的发展

Development of electronic commerce
In the rapid development of Internet technology, E-commerce the world frequently appears in people’s daily lives, the growing interest in electronic commerce. But now, Chinese companies still exist some problems, such as lack of personnel; lack of core competitiveness, the core technology; the low level of information; lack of management, governance and development potential; yet to be established or complete modern enterprise system, corporate restructuring and transformation of operational mechanism. Internationally accepted as an information age business model, E-commerce concept is constantly being promotion. In China, computer and network technology popularization and development of the rapid rise of e-commerce, the development of online trading has also entered a new level. One of the important activities of the e-commerce online transactions, the huge economic potential of its existence, many companies wants to give it a try. In the new state of the economy, the business form has a bright future, but also faced many problems. Therefore, it should be the development trend of the Outlook e-commerce, to sort out existing problems and proposed countermeasures, so that is more conducive to the China e-commerce in the new situation of sustained, rapid and healthy development.
Key words:
E-commerce; Development trends; Problem; Outlook; Countermeasure
What is electronic business?
Why the electronic commerce in the market can be to promote?
How to better use electronic business?
1. Overview of e-commerce
1.1 The basic concepts of e-commerce
1.2 The occurrence and development of e-commerce
2. The status of the Chinese e-commerce development, problems and countermeasures
2.1 The status of the Chinese e-commerce development
2.2 Problems and countermeasures of China’s development of e-commerce
3.  Chinese e-commerce development trend analysis
  3.1 Personalized analysis
  3.2 Specialized trend
  3.3 International trend
  3.4 Regionalization advantage
  3.5 Convergence trend
4.  Development trends of Chinese e-commerce
  4.1 Gradual integration of e-commerce will be the enterprise information
  4.2 Regional e-commerce will be getting better
  4.3 The combination of e-commerce and e-government will lead to new business opportunities
  4.4 The external environment of e-commerce will be improved
E-commerce includes two aspects of electronic means, and business activities. Business activities, refers to the use of electronic information networks and other electronic means to the business activities of the electronic network. E-commerce also includes government agencies, internal business electronically. E-commerce is regarded as a kind of modern commercial and administrative operation way, this method through the improvement of products and service quality, improve the service transmission speed, meet government organization, manufacturers and consumers’ lower the cost of demand, and accelerate the exchange of information through computer networks to support decision making. E-commerce can be conducted by electronic means of various social activities. With the development of IT, the connotation and extension of e-commerce is also continuously enrich and expansion, and has continually been given new meaning to open up a broader application space.
E-commerce is usually in the wide range of business and trade activities around the world, the Internet open network environment based on the browser and server applications, buyers and sellers do not have to meet various business activities, consumers’ online shopping, online transactions between merchants and online electronic payments and a variety of business activities, trading activities of a new business model. E-commerce covers a wide range, generally can be divided into the business to business, business to consumer two. In addition there are consumers for consumers of this fast-growing mode.

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