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The development of e-commerce Problems and countermeasures in China
1. Security issue 
At present, the biggest problem is to hinder the extensive application of e-commerce security issues. Computer security technology development itself there is a time delay. Virus infection, the invasion of hacker more people to the security of the computer suspect. The birth of the internet is not for business purposes, but in order to be able to easily share computer resources, the creation of the internet TCP/IP protocol and source code shared reasonable, appropriate to the prevailing.

Security requirements of e-commerce activities on the internet, it appears difficult. This resulted in an extremely adverse impact on the implementation of e-commerce. Therefore, to increase in the present based on security technology measures such as firewalls, passwords, digital signatures, authentication, etc., in order to ensure data confidentiality, integrity. On the other hand, need through the standard form these technical means sure down, including making the necessary network access standard, take different information technology between users of electronic business affairs activity; Commercial standardized environment, the manual process of reform of China’s traditional business as soon as possible to adapt to the society of the digital economy; The process of developing e-commerce standards, these standards should be consistent with the actual situation, and actively move closer to the goal of universal standards.
2. Technical problems
Technical barriers mainly include the reliability of the network, the transfer of data speed, etc. Many unreliable factors: software, circuit and system, etc. on the internet. Electronic commerce to need the payment and settlement, this should have high quality, efficient financial services and electronic cooperate.

Financial electronic e-commerce implementation to ensure realization of financial electronic inter-bank and inter-regional network of trade settlement, disbursement of funds, real businesses and individuals to facilitate real-time financial services, China’s financial industry needs to adapt to the global integration process and accelerate the progress.

As e-commerce is based on information and communication business activities, for construction of the necessary information infrastructure, including construction of all kinds of information transmission equipment, the IT open, also includes used in multimedia teaching, distance learning, remote medical care and a series of information infrastructure construction. Because of the economic strength and technical reasons, China’s network infrastructure construction also slower, already built into the network quality are low, the public use costs more. So should strengthen the security technology research and electronic business standards, to ensure the reliability of the global business, operation. 

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