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留学生作业:1220HSL Information Systems for Services In

1220HSL Information Systems for Services Industries
Website plan

This is a website plan which is about a new hotel named ‘Snowman Hotel’. To be a new hotel, the main goal of this website is provide a convenient way for people to recognize and book the hotel. In this website, there are 代写留学生论文/留学生论文代写 twelve sections, for example the background and the goals of the hotel, goals of the website and how to fit into the hotel, analysis the competitor websites, target market for website and use environments, user tasks, the information and the tools, storyboard, page templates, website content owners and authors, process analysis and update process and schedule, how to get people know my website and what information that I research (reference).

Background and the goals of the hotel
Snowman hotel is design and build according to a five star hotel in Ji Lin province where locate in the north of the China and it is one of the most cold place in China. Due to people can see the snow in the winter, so the hotel was select the ‘Snowman’ hotel. With its favorite location, the hotel is eminently suite for both business and leisure travelers. With the principle of ‘Creating healthy and comfortable environment for the guest, Snowman hotel provides you with all kinds of room and suite, for instance single room, standard room, deluxe room VIP room business suite room and deluxe suite room. And the hotel offers 555 wonderfully guest rooms and suites which include traditional Chinese and modern western style. All the guest rooms have television, refrigerator, telephone, air conditioner and wireless. Guest can live as comfortable as their home. In keeping with hotel of providing quality hospitality, the hotel also features a comprehensive range of facilities, such as bars, café, KTV, hair beauty salon, swimming pool, Gymnasium, tennis court, billiards and business service center. What’s more, this hotel has its own spa and massage clubs which is one of the main services in this hotel. Due to it is cold in the winter, the guest can get warm and relax. Moreover, there are four types of the restaurants that suitable for the foreign guests, for example traditional Chinese food, western food and buffet. Thus, the customers can enjoy a variety of food.
Due to the new hotel, the visibility of the hotel will be less than the others, the goal of the hotel is attracting more visitors or tourism. And we will offer them a high quality service and a comfortable place to live. Then the hotel can get profits and open branches all over the world.

Goal of the website and how to fit into the hotel
This website is not only for people to book the room but also can provide the hotel information to the guest. Due to the internet is an influence medium in our society, it will contract more and more people to recognize the hotel information and service, because the type of the room and price were showed on the website. Moreover, this website offers a convenience way to the customers, for example if the guests want some special services, they can just order the service on the website.

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