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competitive Marketing Strategy
 Assessed CaseS tudy
IndividuaAf ssignment
Speedy Hlre
SubmissioDn ate:z lnd May, ZOO}
Page 1
Candidate'Bs rief
Youa ree mployeda sa n independenrte searchearn dm arket ing
consul tanitn the planta ndt ool hi rei ndust ryY. ouh avee xper iencienmarketr esearcahn da nalysisa,l ongw i th an abi l i tyt o makek eystrategicd ecisionsin, par t icularre lat ingto brandinga nds t 英国论文网rategydevelopmentP. arto f your rolei st o develope ffectiveh igh-impactmarket ings t rategiefso r companiesb,a sedo n marketr esearch.Recent lyo u haveb eenc ommissionetdo producea signi f icanpti eceo fresearchth at includes:
. a cr i t icaal nalysiosf the planta ndt ool hi res ectora ndo an in-depthp rof i leo f the tool ande quipmenht i reg roup,
SpeedyH i reP fc.
Youa ren ow requi redto analyseth isr esearchin preparat iofno r makingkeys t rategicre commendat ionfosr SpeedyH i reo n 23 May 2009.
Thisa ssignmenrte qui resy out o makea pract icaal ndr easonedevaluat iono f the problemsa ndo ppor tuni t ieyso u havei dent i f iedf r orn
the casem ater iapl rovidedo n SpeedyH i reP LC.Fromy oura nalysiyso u arer equi redto preparea repor tt hat addresses
the taskso ut l inedb elow.
A summaryo f youra nalysissh ouldb e includeda sa nA ppendixto therepor ta nds houldb e no moret hat 5 sideso f A4 in total( Arai l 1,2p oint ) .
Page 3
In yourr olea sa n independenrte searchearn dm arket ingc onsul tanitn
the planta ndt ool hi rei ndust ryy,o u haveb eena skedto wr i te a repor t
(maximumle ngth1 5s ideso f 44 Ar ia l LZp oint )b asedo n the fol lowing
Question One
Cr i t icalyf assestsh e UKa ndi nternat ionaolp por tuni t ieasv ai lableto the
tool ande quipmenht i res ectorh, ighl ight inpgo tent iaal reasw here
SpeedyH i rec oulde xpandth ei rs erviceo f fer ing.
(25 marks)
Question Two
Cr i t ical layn alyseth e rolet hat integratedm arket ingc ommunicat ions
hasp layedi n Speedy'ms arket ings uccessa,n dr ecommendh ow this
couldb e extendedto internat ionaml arketsin the future.
(25 ma rks)
Question Three
Cr i t ical ley valuateh owS peedyH i re'ss t rategiac pproachto business
developmenat ndm arket ingh asc ont r ibutedto i tss igni f icanftin anciaI
s u ccess.
I(25 marks)
ln addition2, 5m arksw illb ea fl ocatedfo rt hep repareadn afysoisf the
casea ndi tsa pplicatiotno theq uestionasb ove.
(25 marks)
(Total 100 marks)
Page 4
Plant and Tool Hire Sector
Merging of Distinctions
Market Size
Growth of the Sector
SWOT Analysis
The CompetitiveL andscape
Profileo f the Constructioann d EngineeringIn dustry
Speedy Hire Plc

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