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Business School


Module Code Number: BSB10186-3

Module Title: International Marketing

Teaching Block: 2, 2008/2009

Assessment Type: Assignment

Assessment Title: Wedgwood

Weighting: 100%

Moderated by: Internal Scrutiny Panel External

Date of issue: February 2009

Submission Date, Time, Place & Arrangements:

Submission Date: 10th April 2009

Assignments must be submitted by the due date. The only circumstance in which assignments can be submitted late is if an extenuating circumstances form is submitted at the same time. In these circumstances work may be submitted up to 2 weeks late only. If the extenuating circumstances are upheld, the assignment will be graded, otherwise a ‘0’ will be awarded.

Maximum word length: 2500 words
State the number of words used at the end of the assignment. You may include diagrams, figures, appendices etc. without word penalty. A sliding scale of penalties for excess length will be imposed. The penalties will be as follows:
Up to 10% excess words no penalty
11-20% excess words 10% penalty
21-30% excess words 20% penalty
31% plus excess words the work will be capped at a pass i.e. 50% or grade point 7

NB. None of the above penalties will be used to change a student mark which is above the pass mark, to one that is below the pass mark. Therefore the maximum penalty for exceeding the word limit will be a reduction to a pass grade.


Waterford Wedgwood is a UK based PLC with worldwide sales around £750 million.  It has 9,000 employees, of whom 4,000 are UK based, and is organised into 4 main 英国论文网divisions, each of which has a portfolio of brands within it.  The Wedgwood division includes the Wedgwood brand itself, Johnson Bros, Coalport and Mason’s.  With 4,000 employees (of whom 3,200 are UK based) this division accounts for approximately 20% of total Wedgwood PLC sales. 

Sadly, in January 2009, the impact of the global credit crunch on ‘nice to have’ rather than ‘need to have’ luxury branded tableware, together with the long term decline factors discussed below, forced Waterford Wedgwood into administration. Nevertheless, business continues and there is a hope and expectation that a buyer will be found who can restore the fortunes of these iconic brands.
Over two thirds of Wedgwood branded products are in china tableware, produced in England, whilst the remainder are split between home décor products, children’s ware, jewellery and miscellaneous items. These are generally outsourced and branded Wedgwood. Tableware in general is made from bone china, porcelain, earthenware or stoneware. Bone china is translucent and extremely strong and represents the finest and most expensive in UK tableware. Porcelain dominates luxury tableware markets in Europe, is semi-translucent and not quite as tough. Wedgwood is world renowned for its bone china dinner services although, amongst many consumers, it is often at least as strongly associated with the unique Jasper unglazed ware, invented in 1774, and plates and bowls for children decorated with Peter

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