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英国媒体学essay代写-我所了解的英国传媒业-British media industry

英国媒体学essay代写I know of British media industry

Since 1702 the first newspaper was born on, media experienced newspapers, radio, TV, the Internet and so on the different stage, today, all kinds of media complementary development way, has achieved a unprecedented prosperity era. The mass media is to make the students understand the professional media industry's main body, the products and used in the media industry of emerging technologies discipline.

Developed British mass media. The British public media industry in the world in the media industry occupies an irreplaceable position, famous in the world of BBC radio station, or famous orthodox rigorous The Times, and is known for grapevine news reports of the sun, all is the British media industry and even the world's excellent representative, it is also for this reason, in recent years to England to study the mass media professional international students also is increasing day by day.

British universities public media professional strength, and professional direction involves digital television, multimedia, advertising and other emerging media field. British universities have public media professional is mainly the cultivation of the students' professional knowledge that will be able to master engaged in mass media professional must have the professional knowledge. In recent years, with the mass media and the prevalence of professional, currently studying the professional and the number of students has of the early 80 s by hundreds of people jumped to the more than 2000 people.

英国媒体学essay代写Early empirical study of the western social science spread to the mass media attention, began in late 1920 s of the United States, also is the beginning in films. Because of American social science has deeply rooted traditional pragmatism, its characteristic is one of the methods and theories of careful is proportional to the poor. The use of social science, is not fundamentally to social criticism and reflection, but in solving practical social problems, to the greatest extent the stability of the existing system maintenance. As for whether justice system itself is irrelevant. Therefore, the mainstream of American social science research and the royal is critical research, the original to the mass media dissemination study is no exception.

50 s, TV is generally into western family, at the time, the study carried the on-the-spot investigation way, the popularity of TV has community and has not been popular TV community are compared. By the s, along with the television further popularization, children and television research from community to psychology and laboratory, pure quantitative research will become a kind of fashion. Right now in the United States, the focus of public opinion more concentrated in opposition to sex and violence in TV. Face this kind of pressure of public opinion, funded by the government researchers began to attempt to through the psychology experiments to establish TV content and children's behavior of the causal relationship between directly. Quite a number of experimental research seems to prove the causality, but also have a few draw on the contrary result, that is present in TV violence can reduce the actual violence, i.e., the so-called catharsis theory. This kind of contradictory conclusion was not accidental, and just explain behaviorism psychology research itself of serious limitations. Because it will research objects from the actual life living out, put in human's lab to observe, and come to the conclusion can only be virtual.

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