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英语毕业论文:Violation of Cooperative Principle in th

Violation of Cooperative Principle in the Interviews of Celebrities
A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the School of English Studies
Tianjin Foreign Studies UniversityIn Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Degree

Abstract (in Chinese) I
Abstract (in English) II
Chapter I Introduction 1
A. General background 1
B. Need for study 2
C. Organization of the thesis 3
Chapter II Review of the Cooperative Principle in Related Literature 4
A. Previous studies concerning the same issue 4
B. Remaining Problems 8
C. Theoretical framework to be adopted 8
Chapter III Violation of the Cooperative Principle of Domestic and Foreign Celebrities 10
A. Violation of the Maxim of Quality 10
B. Violation of the Maxim of Quantity 13
C. Violation of the Maxim of Relation 17
D. Violation of the maxim of manner 21
E. Summary of the cases 24
Chapter IV Conclusion 25
Works Cited 27




关键词: 合作原则; 违反; 名人;访谈

Cooperative principle was first addressed by Grice, an American linguistic philosopher in his speech with the theme of Logic and Conversation in Harvard University in 1967. Grice’ cooperative principle is taken as the general rule of derivation mechanism of conversational meaning and opens a new page for the development of pragmatics. The cooperative principle became an essential element of linguistic study and the focus concerned by logic. Great achievement has been obtained about the discussion on the cooperative principle since it was put forward. The thesis applies Grice’s cooperative principle and interviews of Chinese and foreign celebrities as examples to analyze the conversational meaning and special pragmatics meaning as violating the cooperative principle.More about what you are to write in your thesis.

KEY WORDS: cooperative principle; violation; celebrities’ interviews

Chapter I Introduction
A. General background 写It is Grice that the first person advanced the theory of the cooperative principle in Harvard University in 1967 so as to make the communication efficiently and successfully. Grice believed that all of actions communication, in order to achieve the specific destination, there is a tacit agreement between the speaker and the hearer, an agreement that both sides are expected to observe. In Logic and Conversation (1975), he put forward that four categories are included in the cooperative principle, and each scope also includes one or several maxims, namely:

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