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英语毕业论文:Violation of Cooperative Principle in th(10)

E. Summary of the cases
Although following the cooperative principle would make the conversation go smoothly and effectively according to Grice, “in practical communications, the situation of violating the cooperative principle always exists” (Liang Rong, Liu Guohui)[8]. To sum up, the cases applied above show that in some occasions, the speaker would not following the cooperative principles to make some special effects, express some particular meanings, make their words more vividly, and deepen the meaning they want to express. The speaker would hide the true meaning in their words, and as the hearer, he/she must understand the true idea of the speaker if he/she want to make the conversation smooth. Therefore, it is quite important to be good at grasp the nature from the language phenomena and master the deeper connotation to avoid misunderstanding, aiming to create a harmony conversation. The implication of the speaker can be reckoned that, on one hand, the speaker will set the implication which must let the hearer understand that he/she violates the cooperative principle; on the other hand, the hearer may conclude the conversational meaning according the literal meaning and the specific situation that the speaker violates the cooperative principle.


Chapter IV Conclusion 结论没写suggestions for further research
This paper states that the cooperative principle put forward by Grice greatly influenced the linguistics studies and the violation of cooperative principle also becomes the hot issues of many scholars. The violation of cooperative principle can be applied to study the daily conversations, advertisements, film dialogues and other many aspects. Some of the works have discussed this issue from different angles. For this paper, the author mainly start from the interviews of foreign and Chinese celebrities to find out what special effects were given as one side of the conversation violated the cooperative principle. Although in most cases, people speak following the cooperative principle that they tell the truth, give the proper information required by their counterpart, give answers relating the questions and make their words clear and in order, however, under some circumstances, people would deliberately violate the principle to realize the special purpose and the hearer shall catch the true meaning of the words put by the hearer to completely understand the implication of the speaker. As shown in these examples above, special effects are generated as participants of the conversation violated the maxim of quality, maxim of quantity, maxim of relation and maxim of manner under concrete situations. Some times, they would use rhetoric methods such as comparison to fully express their true meaning in their mind.
Studying on the cooperative principle will facilitate to analyze the languages and “improve the appreciation and communication ability of the learner” (Jin Xiaomei) [7]. Though there are many works were created by the former scholars on various aspects, there are still many issues to be discussed on this issue, such as whether the cooperative principle is the solely rule that people follow. It is suggested that the cooperative principle shall be studied deeply to widen the field of pragmatics.

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