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英语毕业论文:Violation of Cooperative Principle in th(4)

In many cases, the sense of humor is achieved by violating the maxims of the cooperative principle deliberately. However, it is different from dull and uninteresting conversation because humor is the embodiment of intelligence.

4. Pragmatics Explanation of Thunderstorm-Application and Violation of Cooperative Principle (Qiu Jia) [12]
This paper is written by Qiu Jia and aims to analyze the pragmatics implication in the conversations of Thunderstorm with the cooperative principle and its criterions put forward by Grice from the angle of pragmatics view, aiming to analyze the features of the characters shaped by Thunderstorm. Moreover, this work makes a detailed explanation of the complicated drama plot in Thunderstorm and fully analyzes the conversation implication potentially contained in the sentences selected by the author, which is not helpful for the reader to deeply master the characteristics of the roles in the drama, but also to understand the theme. This analysis also provides a proof for the linguistics to become the powerful tool to study the traditional stylistics.

B. Remaining ProblemsFor the violation of the cooperative principle, many studies have been made and there are still several problems existing concerning this issue. The effect of violation of the cooperative principle in business letter, the way for films to employ the violation of the cooperative principle to get special effects, and some other problems are left to be studied. This paper is made to discuss the violation of the cooperative principle in the interviews of celebrities, aiming to find out the implication and special aim the speaker want to put.

C. Theoretical framework to be adopted应该写4个maxim
This paper takes Grice’s cooperative principle as its theoretical framework to study the violation of this principle in celebrity’s interviews. Grice put forward his cooperative principle in 1967 in Harvard University and he further stated this principle in his Logic and Conversation published in 1975. In this paper, he put that, “I wish to represent a certain subclass of nonconventional implicatures, which I shall formulate a rough general principle which participants will be expected (ceteris paribus) to observe, namely: Make your conversational contribution such as is required, at the stage at which it occurs, by the accepted purpose or direction of the talk exchange in which you are engaged. One might label this the COOPERATIVE PRINCIPLE.”[5] (45). Four categories were put forward, including, the category of quality, the category of quantity, the category of relation and the category of manner.









Chapter III Violation of the Cooperative Principle of Domestic and Foreign Celebrities
The cooperative principle describes a reasonable and ordered conversation process. If the two sides of the conversation strictly follow these maxims, the aim of smooth talking will be achieved. “According to Grice, people always follow a basic rule of cooperative principle to achieve the communication purpose.” (Zhang Jianjun) [14] However, cooperative principle will not be followed by everybody all the time. It is descriptive instead of being compulsory. People do violate them in communication, such as willingly telling lies, avoiding directly answering questions, avoiding embarrassment. In most cases, people contact the indirect words given by the other side and they have to conclude what is the true meaning of such words. Grice put that although people usually talk following the maxim of sufficient, clear and other principles, they also violate such rules. The following are some cases of English and Chinese interviews violating the cooperative principle to reach some special purposes.

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