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Research background
Today’s TV news industry worldwide(传播理念 受众定位与需求 发展趋势)
Features of TV news interview in America
留学生媒体学论文定制本文对电视新闻采访的界定(参照论文写法 美国政坛 体坛 新闻采访。。。。)
Introduction of Mike Wallace
Mike Wallace’s TV news interview style
Pragmatic principles

目标受众 受众需求

For the past decades, with the development of technology and increasing demand for free flow of information from the public,American TV news industry has developed by leaps and bounds. At the initial stage, the function of TV news coverage is to inform the public on what has happened but after the coverage of “watergate” scandal in 1972, the audience began to adopt suspicious attitude towards the authentity of every piece of information,then the supervision function of TV news on government and public affairs has reveals(王伟 书P23). Today, the boom of new media, especially the internet, has been favored as the first information source by many people considering the speed and density of news dissemination. However, the authennity and authority of the internet are questioned by the public. (PPTziliao)In a fast—changing society, the masses are not only satisfied with what has happened, but also why that happened and they want to hear the voice straight from the mouth of people engaged in the spot news. Therefore, in an audience—oriented and rating—driven media market in contemprary America with a root in consumerism, the TV news interview focusing on latest public affairs and drawing a lot of eyeballs has become a major vehicle for presenting news and commentaries and excerts significant influence on a great range of audiences from every walk of life via the language behaviors of program participants. Moreover, as a convention universally acknowledged in American TV news circle, the gate keeper, who has a definite control of what should be revealed and what should not in the TV news program is always the anchor, to be more exact, the charisma and style of a leading anchor greatly determine the style and popularity of a certain program as a whole.

In America, the most enduring and prominent television news personalities is Mike Wallace, his no-holds-barred interviewing technique and enterprising reportage earns him the title of “the father of TV news interview”(PPT 华莱士记者生涯).During his 50—year long-running broadcast career, he has made numerous and timely interviews, and developed a reputation as an inquisitorial interviewer.His relentless pursuit of fidelity and deep exposure of the newsmakers is highly acclaimed by his followers in TV news industry. The producer of “60 minutes”,Dan Hewitt once said, “All the good things at ’60 minutes” started with Mike Wallace, and without him, without 60minutes.”(PPT 华莱士记者生涯) Another famous news anchor, Dan Rather, even considers Mike Wallace as role model for his own career.He used to make a specific analysis of Mike Wallace’s style in news—interview,such as the questioning manners, discourse feature,tone, expression,and gesture,and then concluded that “Mike Wallace is born tobe a news interviewer”. Therefore, a study of Mike Wallace’s discourse in news interview can be of value.

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