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澳洲论文网:澳洲注册会计师职称论文代写 Australia certified public accountants

澳洲注册会计师Australia certified public accountants

The world's largest professional accounting bodies, one of Australia of certified public accountants (CPA Australia) has announced, in 2012 the first semester Australia registered accountant course (CPA Program) professional stage test registration will be on December 9, 2011 official start, the deadline for on 30 January 2012. In addition, Australia accountants Beijing representative office and Shanghai office will also during this period were held free consulting lecture, to attend study and enter oneself for an examination of the certified public accountant course Australia people from all walks of providing advisory services.

At present, the global economy is at important structure adjustment period, the Chinese companies and Chinese brand "go out" create the important period of strategic opportunities. According to statistics, 2010 years of Chinese investors to over 129 countries and regions of the 3125 foreign enterprise, and direct investment, accumulative total realization of non-financial outward foreign direct investment of $59 billion. By the end of 2010, China enterprise invested overseas enterprise more than 1.5, non-financial sectors foreign direct investment stock $258.8 billion, outside the enterprise assets worth more than 1 trillion dollars. Along with the enterprise internationalization level of rapid ascension, the Chinese economy needs a large number of international level and international professional qualifications for certified public accountants high-end talent team, with more efficient, more safely deal with both domestic and overseas market and make use of two resources. This shows, get professional international accounting group qualification authentication of the internationalized personnel will be in the future job market have a broader development space. Certified public accountant course by Australian of the training of the business leaders, will play an important role of the think-tank, how to grasp the opportunities for the enterprise circles.

Certified public accountant course includes Australia based stage and professional stage of 14 a subject: basic stage covers eight basic disciplines, and for students to provide solid basic accounting knowledge. Professional stage by six subjects composition, aims to improve the students of analysis, judgement, decision making and reporting skills. Different degree and work of the background of the people, but from different starting point Australia certified public accountant course.

Australia certified public accountant course distinguishing feature, focus on training the members in the strategic, leadership and international business should have the quality. Course for the future of business leaders to provide to the forefront of theoretical knowledge, operation experience and international vision. Through the CPA association of Australia cultivating business leaders, will greatly help to realize the national Chinese government from global manufacturing center to the transformation of the innovation center.

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