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澳洲会计热门专业论文代写-Accountancy (profession)or accounting (methodol

Accountancy (profession)or accounting (methodology) is the measurement, statement, or provision of assurance about financial information primarily used by managers, investors, tax authorities and other decision makers to make resource allocation decisions within companies, organizations, and public agencies. The terms derive from the use of financial accounts.

澳洲会计热门专业论文代写Accounting (Definition) is a service activity. Its function is to provide quantitative information primarily financial in nature, about economic entities, that is intended to be useful in making economic decisions, and in making reasoned choices among alternative courses of action. [2]

It is also the discipline of measuring, communicating and interpreting financial activity. Accounting is also widely referred to as the "language of business".[3]

Financial accounting is one branch of accounting and historically has involved processes by which financial information about a business is recorded, classified, summarised, interpreted, and communicated; for public companies, this information is generally publicly-accessible. By contrast management accounting information is used within an organisation and is usually confidential and accessible only to a small group, mostly decision-makers. Tax Accounting is the accounting needed to comply with jurisdictional tax regulations.

Practitioners of accountancy are known as accountants. There are many professional bodies for accountants throughout the world. Many allow their members to use titles indicating their membership or qualification level. Examples are Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA or FCCA), Chartered Accountant (FCA, CA or ACA), International Accountant (FAIA or AAIA),Management Accountant (ACMA, FCMA or AICWA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified General Accountant (CGA or FCGA).


“Accounting is that discipline which measures, records, reports and interprets financial and other information about an entity to interested parties to enable them to make appropriate decisions”
Accounting is essentially a system for showing what the financial state of a business is at any one time.

Accounting and financial information allows users to:
See how the business is going
See how aspects of the firm can be improved
Control your money
Plan for the future

Purpose of Accounting
1 Accounting can act as a form of communication

You can think of accounting as a form of language between owners of a business
This language is not alphabetical letters but instead it is expressed in terms of dollars
Can be communicated to relevant users through graphs, reports and tables
2 Accounting can supply information for decision making

澳洲会计热门专业论文代写Decisions are made at all levels of management
Suitable information will reduce the uncertainty decision makers may face
Accounting can aid users of information to make accurate decisions
3Accounting can assist a manager plan their business

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