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So far, financial theorists financial governance connotation has made some achievements, but did not really give the full the exact financial governance defined. Many scholars from different research purposes departure, according to their own understanding of the meaning of financial governance, summed up the definition of a variety of financial governance. Most of these definitions under financial governance in the corporate governance framework, the reference to corporate governance is defined, the institutional arrangement, angle, equivalent financial governance and financial governance structure, the typical definition are the following: the Li Xin He (2000) that the financial governance structure based on wealth, will, trial separation, improve the general accounting system in order to ensure, through the creation of the Finance Committee, straighten out a system arrangement on the lower level of financial relationships. Yang Shue (2002) that the company's financial governance through the different configurations of property rights between the different stakeholders, adjust the position of the stakeholders in the financial system, improve the efficiency of corporate governance of a series of dynamic institutional  Accounting arrangements. Lin, H (2003) argues that financial governance is a set of contact various stakeholders the main formal and informal institutional arrangements and structure of the network of relationships, the fundamental purpose of this arrangement reached between the Stakeholders of rights, obligations and interests balanced, reasonable reunification of the efficiency and equity. Wu Zhongxin (2005) official departure from the the financial social attributes (title contractual relationship) that the Company's financial governance, financial power flow logic clues to study how the rational allocation of property rights within the company, to form a group of contacts on Stakeholders and informal institutional arrangements to achieve the fundamental purpose of safeguarding the interests of investors. From the several on behalf of the Pi definition can be seen, no great differences in the definition of domestic academic financial governance, financial governance based on property rights and reasonable configuration as the core of a series of institutional arrangements, the main difference lies in the financial Governance Subject. Financial governance to be solved in an efficient and equitable under the premise of the rights, obligations and interests of relevant stakeholders arrangements for a system of mutual checks and balances, is a set of contact the relevant stakeholders, formal and informal the relationship between institutional arrangements and structure relationships. Which is characterized by a focus on the non-quantitative aspects of the research, and strive through research and financial relationships, reasonable arrangements for the enterprise to the financial relationship between the economic benefits. In view of this, the definition of a financial governance can be summarized as follows: financial governance is based on the financial capital structure and other institutional arrangements, the rational allocation of enterprise property rights, under the premise of emphasis on shareholders as the center of stakeholders governance, effective financial incentive restraint mechanisms, to achieve the company's financial decision-making more scientific and a series of system behavior, mechanisms, arrangements, design and specification.

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