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英国普利茅斯大学BA Accounting and Finance Degree Diss

University of Plymouth Plymouth Business School

BA Accounting and Finance Degree

Module ABF 312

BAAF Final Year Project Handbook 2009/10

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NB If found: This handbook forms an important part of the student’s development. Please return it to:

University of Plymouth
Plymouth Business School
Drake Circus
PL4 8AA or post to: FREEPOST
PL4 8AANB: This BAAF student’s research handbook should be submitted with the final year project at the end of term two.Welcome to ABF 312
All the staff on ABF 312 are committed to ensure that students taking the module have an excellent learning experience and support while undertaking their research module.The BAAF student’s research handbook aims to outline the relevant information regarding ABF312 final year project module. The handbook also helps you to be focused on the key issues that are necessary to help you complete your research project successfully.The handbook is designed to help you reflect on your development, check your progress and assist discussions with your supervisor.Reasons why the project is a good choice英国论文网• This module (ABF312) will provide you with an excellent opportunity to engage in a piece of independent research. For those students planning to continue with their academic career via a Master’s programme, this module will also help to form the academic skills required for further study at Masters Level.
• There is no exam, it is entirely 'coursework' assessed.
• You can pace the work to fit in with other activities and demands on your time.
• You can be pretty confident that the project will be accepted well before the date for submission because your project tutor will have given you substantial feedback on your progress.
• There is a tendency for students to score more highly on their project than they do on taught courses. This is particularly true of harder working students.
• You are likely to find undertaking a project a more satisfying and interesting process than following a taught module.
• Prospective employers and university admissions officers are likely to view a project as a more valuable option for you to have made.
• Past students have found their project a very useful conversation piece at a job interview.

All the staff on ABF 312 hope that you will have a successful and enjoyable time on this module




Welcome to ABF 312

Module outline
Aims of the project
Critical features of the project

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