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代写澳洲经济论文-Australia's economic prospects-澳洲留学生经济学硕士论文范文

Australia's economic prospects

As the global financial crisis in the major economies, but Australia success out of recession, the more become the developed countries raised interest rates in October-since 2009 has been to raise interest rates six times. Australia's economy can withstand the impact of financial tsunami, in addition to government economic revitalization plan work and overseas to help drive the export demand, but also reflects the labor market is robust factors, the local demand for rapid economic rose in a strong and powerful support role.

However, the central bank raised interest rates on Australia has put the economy signs appear cooling. Economic growth in the first quarter of this year has been slow, consumer spending and business investment reduce, bank lending rate also slowed sharply. As the past six times the influence of interest rates gradually emerge, expected in the second half of 2010, the central bank will be more prudent, step on the gradual benchmark interest rate in the end of 2010 or early 2011 rise to the level of about 5%.

The second half of 2010, although Australia economic tone will maintain a healthy, also continues to benefit in China and Asia demand for natural resources, but face threats to the global economic recovery of the European sovereign debt crisis, plus China the risk of slowing economic growth, is expected to Australia economic growth may be less strength the expected mild, in 2010 will be 3% or so, to speed up slightly next year to about 3.5% level.

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A recent development, Australian economy...... 3

1, resist the financial tsunami economic success............. 3

2, interest rates hikes were to cool the economy... 4

Second, inflation still see rising pressure...... 4

Three, resources industry development strong... 5

1, benefit from Asia needs... 5

2, the windfall profits tax resources for industry or negative impact on...... 6

Four, Australia's economy in 2010 in the face of uncertainty...... 6

1, and personal consumption by tightening policy effect on...... 6

2, the real estate market also faces policy risk...... 7

3, the family and the enterprise to lending is still cautious...... 8

4, China's economic growth slowed face the risk... 9

Five, the Australian central bank will slow down the pace...... 9

Six, a rising power...... lack 10

Seven, endnotes...... 11


Figure 1 Australia GDP and constitute a...... 3

Figure 2 eight largest export market of the Australian export proportion of...... 5

Figure 3 Australian retail sales... 7

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