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电子商务英文论文范文-当当网商务营销分析-Dangdang Bookshop:Business Analysis

电子商务英文论文范文(有留学生论文代写组提供)Dangdang Bookshop:WWW Business Analysis
      It is becoming widely accepted that it is important for business to embrace e-commerce and to adopt Internet technologies. E-commerce is helping to remove physical barriers to trade like the distance between the buyer and seller, to increase efficiency of operations and to improve the transparency of transactions.
Also, the Internet and World Wide Web represent an increasingly important channel for retail commerce as well as business transactions. However, there are almost 5 billion pages or sites on the Internet and WWW. There lacks an integrated mediator business agent, which is around the internet to connect between suppliers and users. Therefore, an intelligent business broking agent between supply and demand is needed for using and sharing the information efficiently and effectively.
In the text, I select the Dangdang network bookshop that has a well-developed commercial web site as an example to explore the site in detail and prepare to report the questions as below:
   What technology the bookshop is using;
   What business processes are involved;
   How the web is changing the way business is conducted
       At the same time, I also discuss new strategic initiatives, methods and facilitators and inhibitors of the adoption of e-commerce and so on in the report.
       Key word:   Business analysis, e-commence, Internet, technology, adopt

    Dangdang bookshop came into existence in November 1999 and it was the largest Chinese net bookstore. The bookshop was invested together by four companies, which were separately IDG Group of America, Cambridge Group of Luxemburg, Softbank of Japan and Science & Culture Cambridge Book Co. Ltd of China. The managing team of the shop possessed of very abundant experience, which included books publish, retail, information technology and marketing skills.
It provided 200 thousand kinds of Chinese books and over ten thousand sound commodities for the Chinese readers in the world, and it offered convenience and shortcut service for thousands of consumers though the Internet. The target of Dangdang bookshop is to make all of Chinese readers gain enlightenment, education and entertainment by means of providing comprehensive Chinese books.
One of the Dangdang bookshop stockholders -- Science & Culture Company was established by guoqing li who is the president of the shop, and it has abundant experience in publishing.
    The organization of the dangdang net bookstore:
    In the text, we mainly discuss the relationship between the shop and the customers.

2. Outline for the text:
2.1 How the web is changing the way business is conducted;

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