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留学生论文代写-Comparison of data

Which of the following supermarket you have been purchased and purchasing mostly?

Bought From Main Grocer Like Web Tesco 199 89 92 114

Sainsbury’s 89 63 40 68 ASDA 98 12 19 54

Iceland 32 1 12 2 Waitrose 56 4 21 13

Others 17 4 3 8

   The information ‘intention to use’ and ‘ease to use’ are the two perspectives that remain a scarcity of published research. However, the combination of the two does not contradict one and other (Charles et al., 2009). Part of the technology approach includes an online store design and navigation, as well as the payment security, which are important elements. Consumer behaviour is a study that focuses on consumers’  activity and behaviour in the process of purchasing, consumption and disposal of products or services. There is a number of 170 people knows about Tesco online shopping, but only 114 people used it. However, the numbers of people who know about other on line grocery are far more below the Tesco. ‘Tesco close to us, always sending good vouchers and giving extra club point. Also with a high level point collection, I don’t want to leave Tesco. ’

   The above result from questionnaires shows the trend that Tesco and Sainsbury’s both the major supermarket for most people and being purchase frequently. From the interviews, major candidates reflected that Tesco having the  UK best image and with good value. This lead to the well applied club card and promotion strategy. The middle level supermarket such as ASDA attracts customer to shop, however, with lower customer loyalty reflecting from interviews towards ASDA. The down level supermarket as Iceland is lack of customer loyalty to compare with Tesco.

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