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留学生经济学encomics论文:商务服务管理评估写作指导-encomics for busines management assessment


Discuss the contention that contract is the basis of all commercial relationships by reference to illustrations from the following areas:讨论合同的论点,即是所有商业关系的基础上参考插图从以下几个方面:
• the employment of workers;工人就业
• the relationship between a supplier of precision equipment in India to its customer in the UK在英国的客户如果处理精密设备供应商在印度之间的关系
• frustration of a contract for personal services挫折为个人服务的合同
• a serious ankle injury sustained by a visitor to the premises of a  company, where a faulty stair tread has been reported by a cleaner three weeks before严重的踝关节受伤的访客公司的前提下,3周前在楼梯踏板故障曾报道一个更清洁工的事例
• the significance of the Articles of Association in  a limited company有限责任公司的公司章程中的重要意义Describe how contract applies in each instance, if it does. You should make an alternative proposal for the relationship that applies if you do not agree with the contention, in each case.说明合同适用于每个实例,如果这留学生经济学encomics论文样做。你应该让一个替代方案,适用,如果你不同意争的关系,在每一种情况下。

Each correct answer is worth a maximum of 12 Marks

Specific problem

Following preliminary discussions by telephone, Smith, whose business card says he is the  director of client services  for Spurious (based in Oslo, Norway) sends an  e-mail to a sole trader, Jones, (based in Hounslow in Middlesex UK)  about a project involving software design for a new video game. The e-mail states  a specified price to be paid on successful completion of the work, specifies a schedule for interim stages when reports and details of the work  must be submitted and a date when it must be completed.

Jones begins work immediately, merely replying “Thank you for your e-mail” to Smith. During the course of the work a novel software process is developed by Jones, who says he believes it might be patentable in an e-mail to Smith, in the course of one of his interim reports.

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