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留学生论文写作:E-commerce Opportunities for the Chin



E-commerce Opportunities for the Chinese Enterprises in Telecommunications Industry






Name: Shi Maoqing

Student Nr: 000310763

Date: November 2009


University: Hanze Hogeschool Groningen

Institute: MBA in IB&M


Supervisor: Bernoud Jonker






The rapid development of internet and impact of the new economy mode make the world get into the e-commerce age. The new business environment brings profound changes to the mode of enterprises’ management. It increases the profit of enterprise. At the same time it makes the competition more fiercely than before. Customers are important resource by which e-commerce enterprises make profit and get competitive advantages. The market competition changes to the quick respond to the market and the CRM. Customer-centered e-commerce becomes new development trend of enterprise operation pattern.


Yuanquan Company is a telecommunication equipment manufacturing enterprise. The rapid development of Yuanquan Company benefits from the development of the industry. But the factors of market competition of the new comers and price rise in raw materials cause the lasting rise of production costs and gradual drop of enterprise’s profitability. For changing the company’s management state, the company decides to develop e-commerce referring to the competitors in the same industry. The e-commerce can decrease the purchase and marketing costs, provide high quality service to customers, establish company brand, introduce new products and promote the company’s core competence to increase the profit of Yuanquan Company.


In this thesis Yuanquan Company is taken as the background. According to introducing e-commerce countermeasure theory and traditional manufacture enterprise e-commerce application mode, the marketing environment of telecommunication equipment manufacturing industry and the implementation of e-commerce in the same industry are analyzed. Combing with the company’s management state, the Yuanquan Company’s countermeasures of e-commerce is put forward to improve Yuanquan Company’s management state. The problems and influence of implementation e-commerce are analyzed. The countermeasures of these problems are put forward.


At last the A company’s countermeasures of management, business, personnel, information system, marketing, customer services and network security are introduced. The implementation suggestions of decision are put forward. The author strives to combine theory with practice. Through verifying the feasibility of the theory by practice, the author hope that the implementation enterprise e-commerce scheme is discussed in theory and practice and e-commerce are used better in enterprises.

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