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英语毕业论文范文:"Bridge"in International Busin

Bridge"in International Business Negotiation——The Importance of Cross—Culture Communication(CCC)

Abstract:As the development of globalization,more and more people have opportunities to communicate with each other from diversecultural background.Therefore,it is essential to understand some 英语毕业论文范文cultural factors which affect the interaction among people.This arficlcdiscusses why CCC is vital to study from business negotiadon angle.Besides,it offers some examples of business negotiations among differentcountTies to illustrate why CCC is a“bridge”in across—cultural business negotiations.

Key words:communication culture cross。。cultural communication business negotiation

Today,due to the rapid development of technology and globaleconomy,people have more opportunities to meet andcommunicate with one another.But due to the diverse cuhuralbackgrounds,they often cannot understand each othercompletely, and worse still some misunderstanding andmisinterpretation Occur from time to time.Therefore,the studyand the research of CCC have been carried out by many scholars.CCC can be described(in context)as the tJansmission of messagesand/or information,verbal and non-verbal,among people or who share distinctive values,beliefs,traditions,languagesamong other divides with a view of getting a response;positive ornegative.
As the growth of international trade,business people meettheir counterparts from all over the world and discuss to achievean agreement that meets mutual interests.If they do not knowanything about their partners’cultures or communicationpatterns,problems may arise during negotiations,or perhaps even
undermine the relationships between both parties.This article elaborates the importance of CCC from percept ofinternational business negotiation,and gives some examples ofbusiness negotiations to illustrate why CCC is a“bridge”inacross-ctdtuml business negotiation.
The Importance of CCC from International Business NegotiationPerceptiveNow,owing to the quick expansion of transportation andimprovement of communication technology,communicationamong different groups has become more frequent and prevalent.
Because of globalization,it makes contact throughout the worldmore commonplace than any other period of human being historyand promotes the activity of international business.
CCC plays an important role in international bu sinessnegotiation,especially for nmltinationals’.Mark E.Mendenhall etalsuggested that negotiation is the most significant field of CCC
for business people,and the likelihood of successful negotiation israre if both parties begin to negotiate without having seriouslyconsidered the obstacles and intricacies of CCC.There is an

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