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澳大利亚教育论文-TAFE education in Australia _ English paper

代写澳洲教育论文TAFE education in Australia _ English paper

The higher education study in Australia, left us with the deepest impression is southwest of new south wales in Sydney technology and continue to education institute (hereinafter referred to as the southwest TAFE college) flexible form of teaching.


TAFE education and development institutions is the Australian government open the largest professional technical training institutions, it directly to enterprise, the industry and personal needs, providing them with flexible training consultation service, to enhance productivity and gain greater achievement. The southwest of the local TAFE college is one of the agencies under it.


The foreign affairs office of the chief introduction said, the school three aspects of education: 1. Certificate education namely get a certificate of industry training. The education for all the Australian citizens (including immigrants). This kind of certificate according to industry position 1 to 4 points, that is, get MouJi certificate can be engaged in some industry, a position of the work. This certificate is to admit that the government and industry. 2. Diploma education. Such education points two gears: diploma and advanced diploma. Higher diploma class studies class than diploma. The two diploma certificate of a college degree in our country, these students can enter primary and middle level respectively management team, at the same time, the credit will receive college credit. 3. The average high school make up a missed lesson. This kind of education is mainly aimed at not finish high school education of Australian citizens (including immigration), for they go to university service. 4. High school stage 11-12 in labor technology course. Middle school students can get through it in a profession certificate level 4, level 2 certificate.


Southwest TAFE college education providing high quality training course has 100 years of history, now offers five field than 450 approved by the national curriculum, with six modern facilities of the branch, and the professional course providing the following branch: English, business, information technology, reception services, construction engineering, transportation and other business within the scope of the course.


"Of course you type so much, not only knowledge but to practice, professor operation training, you will be able to keep up with the teachers' ability to?" The reporter asked. "Our choice: a teacher's standard is to a teacher certificate; 2 to 5 years or above working experience in enterprise; thirdly, to an annual TAFE of training, and the test." In charge here said. Teachers are all fields of specialized personnel, both the rich work experience, and have the right degree qualification, they work in TAEF, either through training for the latest knowledge within the industry, and returning to the workshop or related field, in order to get the latest information and experience.

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