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英国高等教育论文文献-The UK higher education introduction

The UK higher education introduction

Britain has more than ninety college and universities, 52, all of these schools are awarded to students at home and abroad of high quality and degree certificate.

All UK universities and part of the college are entitled to make award degrees certificate and diploma, the other colleges can be by its affiliated university or college issue related certificate.

College entrance age generally in 18 years or older, do not set upper age limit, sometimes the school allowed under the age of 18 a top student degree course. You have the qualification is accepted or not the key factors, to meet the requirements of qualification perhaps can make you directly into the read the second year, and sometimes even directly into the read the third year degree course.

Secondary education certificate test senior level courses and secondary education certificate exam complement senior level course grades are still the most British university admission requires the admission. But most university and university campus will now national general professional qualification as general secondary education certificate test with senior level course equivalent qualification gives admit. International recognition preparatory course was also university generally accepted.

Also some situation is special, some students, usually after working want to continue your studies of the staff, as long as they are quite academic level, and related work experience, even if not to be formally qualification, may also be admitted to the university or university campus.

If you have never in Britain accept education, then need to check their has received the degree corresponds to the British education under the level to which the qualification. You may already have a general secondary education senior level the same degree, and perhaps already have good education background and can be read from first year in college courses. To know you have the degree of corresponding degree level in the UK, but to the culture of the country committee inquiry. British university and the university campus will tell you, your record of formal schooling is already admitted conditions; If education is low, it will also be told the corresponding requirements.

English level is also affect your admission to the success of the factors. All colleges and universities are according to the applicant to apply for course, to the applicant's English level put forward certain requirements. Therefore, you may need to be in their home country or arrived in England to participate in English ability after test.

If you have not yet reached the existing education directly to college of undergraduate course requirements, the preparatory course or for basic course is the best university entrance way. Continue education college, university and university of this course are to open, the courses are usually need to six months to a year.

Assiduously study degree

-a condition, the British university in three years of undergraduate course study, you can obtain honor a bachelor's degree. Part of the need of overseas study course (such as language course) the time needed for more than three years. Contains a number of the content of the courses are usually practice need four years to complete.

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