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代写美国论文-美国教育的特点-the United States education characteristic

A, the United States education characteristic

1, inspire students, and guide students. Let the students to develop their creativity and imagination of the problem. The teacher himself said in China, the students to play less.

The school, the teacher not to take "spoon-feeding" teaching method, only the students to remember the main content of the textbook will do. In the classroom, teachers often put a lot of time to leave the student opinion, the teacher inspires students all sorts of ideas being put forward, finally summarized by the teachers and students together. Some of the lesson is completely with students discuss the form, students being active, sometimes can come up with better than the teacher of the methods to solve the problems.

American teachers and students are always together in a a equal communication atmosphere in, students can interrupt at any time the teacher speech questions, can even immediately, the discussion of the teacher say many informative content can let students use after school to get through various channels, precious class time should be used to stimulate students' creative thinking, exercise the student to see a problem, multiple perspectives analysis question ability.

American elementary though not in class the children a lot of knowledge infusion, but they managed to get the child's eyes to outside the confines of the ocean of knowledge, they will let the children know that, of the life all the time and space are they learning classroom; They didn't want to let the children learn by rote a lot of formula and theorem, but them

Went to great pains to tell how the child to think about the problem, teach the children with unfamiliar areas looking for answers the method; They don't test from the students into the 369, but trying to sure children every effort to praise the children thinking all the conclusion, to protect and motivation of the children all composing desire and try. Once I asked my son's American teacher: "how is it you don't let the children memorize important things?" The teacher smiled and said: "people's creative ability in two things more important than memorization: one, he needs to know where to look for in that needs more than it can memory much more knowledge; another is the comprehensive use this knowledge to his new and the ability of rote. Made, they won't let a person rich knowledge, also won't let a person more intelligent, that is my view."

2, combining with practice, life and personal contact, don't speak too general theory.

Classroom teaching is in the lives of their children, in the United States, all in the lives of their children things can in the class get, the course is multifarious. In addition, the school also please readers from outside to a lecture, such as AIDS, speak about the space shuttle and the space station, to tell the students speak of interesting things. School science class the latest knowledge of computer and network, and Chinese and history are added to the events of recent. American schools can attract students often choose the most of the materials.

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