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英国工业设计教育论文-Britain's industrial design education

Britain's industrial design education

Why teach design: brain, heart, hand

-(UK) C· Buddha RuiLin

The international meeting of the two major issues: the design of producers, also is the designer's education and education of the consumer, it is the design education at least 154 years have been 英国论文网explored. Because as early as in the fall of 1937, the British government was established the first design school. Since then, put forward so two problems, one is "how to most effectively education good industrial designer", and the second is "how to the most effective education good consumers and let them know how to understand and appreciate the designer's work." And for the two questions have been controversial. Sometimes, producers would consider: if we can create the first-class design, the public nature will appreciate, and consumers can think so: "if a product is no market, why are education people to produce?" Because the meeting allowed to speak very short time, I may not have a period of 154 years, also or 154 minutes to detail, I almost only 154 seconds of time can use, the team I will from the design education three most important aspects of the manpower, combined with British universities in 18 or above design professional students of education, education on the British around design several key debate reviewed.

Brain education: brain function is engaged in the research. Design theory and design to reflect on it.

Of the hands of the education: the role of the hand is master technology skills, contact materials, and personally experience manufacture process.

The heart of education: the function of the heart is to play to the designer's individual spirit of creation, and know he will face of the social and cultural development trend.

The middle of the s, the British great art and design J· thinker; Ruth gold (Ruskin) had said so: the above three aspects of the all-round development is to build a perfect designer is indispensable. So, he thinks that the education of young designers should be through on the brain, heart, and of the hands of the comprehensive education.

Ruth gold had also wrote: design must be made from the ingenious mechanical, or human hands to complete. So far we haven't design, and will not design like any possible human fingers so clever machinery.

The best design comes from the heart, and all the emotions on this fusion is better than the brain and emotional union; And both were better than hand and emotion and the union. So make a whole person.

Ruth gold in the 1860 s write down above this passage. At that time the technology used by designers can still at an early stage of development, and the world within the scope of the first time the industrial revolution the social impact greatly shocked him, and his writing that s, psychology, physiology, anthropology and cultural theory discipline research will be launched, so he tried to will be human all aspects of life separated, and in fact, they are connected with each other, are inseparable. Controlled by hand to the brain, heart and brain and subject.

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