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英国论文网:academic report detailing the London Olympi

This feedback is to provide you generic feedback on the work submitted for this module. You will be provided specific feedback and a mark at a later date
– This can be emailed to you on request.
Your brief this work was the following:
英国论文网Write a five (5) page academic report detailing the London Olympics 2012 stadium project. It is expected that you attempt to relate academic theory to
You should mention of the following concepts/theories:
• Project management methodology;
• Project planning
• Project monitoring & control;
• Project Mandate.
My expectations of you:
I expected you to attempt to relate the theory we covered within class andwhat you have read about to the areas mentioned within the brief. I assumedthat you might have to make some assumptions in order to get a clear pictureof the stadium project.
For example, we might have assumed that the stadium project used
PRINCE2 – since the London Olympics Development Agency is linked withthe UK government. The UK government normally has the requirement that allprojects use PRINCE2.

Within your work you should have identified that the project mandate for thestadium project came from the London Olympics development agency ratherthan the International Olympics committee.
You should have identified the key pieces of information for the London 2012Stadium Project, for example, the scope, delimitations and freedom of actions.

Within your coursework you should have identified the basic structure of theplan for the project, you might have mentioned the key milestones and thestart/finish dates. For example, the plan has a testing period with 2011/12 forthe stadium.
It was expected that you used academic theory to discuss this element of thecoursework, discussing how important the project plan is to project and how itis a living document within the project.Within this section, I expected you to attempt to understand how the projectcould be monitored and controlled. I understand that it might have been hardto gain sources (information); therefore educated assumptions could havebeen made. For example, a reporting and monitoring procedure would be putin place based upon the principles laid out within PRINCE2 would have beena suitable assumption.

Within this section, I expected you to consider the importance of amethodology and that the stadium MUST be using a methodology in order toensure the project is managed in a suitable fashion. might have identified a suitable methodology, based upon the type ofproject the stadium is. Remembering, that PRINCE2 requires design upfrontand Agile project management methodologies (such as DSDM Atern) requiresEnough Design Upfront before the project implementation phase can start.

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