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Project plan- 改善空气动力学的新技术论文写作需求-the potential to transform a

Project plan
1. Background
There is a new technology as an improvement in aerodynamics that might just have thepotential to transform aviation. The wingtip device increase the lift generated at the wingtip and reduce the lift-induced drag caused by wingtip vortices. According to Aviation partners, ”the Spiroid eliminates concentrated wingtip vortices, which represent nearly half the induced drag generated during cruise.” In that case, it is useful to doing the investigation of the spiroid wingtip.

2. Description of approach
I will try to investigate with comparing three different wingtip shapes: the traditional wingtip, the blended wingtip and the spiroid wingtip. Solidwork will be used to product the test models and Star-CCM+ will carry out all the mesh and analysis during these tests.

3. Aim
By using CFD, the Cp, CL profile can be obtained both these three types wingtip. And also the variation of wingtip vortices will be represented. At last, it will be expect that the advantages of the spiroid wingtips can be discovered obviously and reasonablely.

4. Detail plan in semester 2
Firstly, it is necessary that I should have a general idea about wingtip device via reading the previous papers and useful information from internet. Secondly, I will review the aerodynamics principles related to this project to make sure a clear comprehend in my mind. Then, some simple tests will be tried by using Solidwork and Star-CCM+, it is helpful to tell me where I am going and reassessment the plan and idea which I decide before.


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