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The assignment is based on the 2011 annual reports for two public companiesin the food production industry:

1. Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory Company Holdings Limited 
选择“投资者/股东周年大会及年报”(在左手菜单栏上)。 2011年年度报告的标题为“文档”。
Select “Investors/AGM & Annual Report” (in the left hand menu bar). The 2011 Annual Report is under the heading “Documents”. 
2. Select Harvests Limited (
选择“投资者中心/年度报告”,在左边菜单栏。 2011年年度报告“公司公告”下的列表中的第一个。
Select “Investor Centre/Annual Reports” in the left hand menu bar. The 2011 Annual Report is the first one in the list under “Company Announcements”.
You may use the abbreviations WCB and SH to refer to the respective companies in your assignment.
Note: A bibliography is not required, although you may choose to refer to specific sections or pages of the annual reports in your answers. 
Assignments are due by Tuesday, 10thJanuary, 2011. City students can hand in their assignments in class on Monday, 9th January, otherwise through the assignment box at Reception on Tuesday. North Ryde students please hand in the assignment to Nuwan in the tutorial. If any North Ryde students miss the tutorial, please hand in the assignment at the lecture. Any assignments handed in after 10th January should be lodged in the assignment box at Reception. All assignments should have a standard SIBT assignment cover sheet attached to the front and the marking schedule from the question attached to the back. Put your TUTOR’S name (Nuwan for North Ryde, Nick Melia for City) on the cover sheet and your tutorial group number. Read and sign the declaration regarding plagiarism and collusion. This is not a group assignment – assignments are to be completed on an INDIVIDUAL basis. Any breach of these requirements will result in the loss of marks for the assignment plus referral to the academic co-ordinator. Assignments should be typed, not hand-written. Late assignments will be penalised one mark (out of 15) per day late. This assignment is worth 15% of your total assessment. Students are reminded that they are expected to complete ALL assessment tasks for the unit.
Using the 2011 financial statements, and any other relevant information provided in the annual reports, you are required to complete the following tasks:

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