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Submission of assignments
All assignments must be submitted electronically via Gradebook on the Learnonline Website (refer to for information regarding how to upload
your assignment).
Please note:
   All assignments must use the Assignment cover sheet (available from the course homepage).
   This assignment must be in the form of either a PDF or Word document.
   You cannot submit Excel files. If you use Excel to prepare your assignment you will need to cut
    and paste and either convert to, or include in, a Word document or a PDF document.
   Only one copy of the assignment is to be submitted if the assignment is undertaken in a
    group. Please ensure that the names of all group members are included on the cover
    sheet. Penalties apply if more than one group member submits the assignment.
All marked assignments will be returned to students approximately three weeks from the date of
Feedback on this assignment will be provided on the Feedback form, a copy of which is included at
the back of this booklet (Please do not attach this feedback form to your assignment file).
Plagiarism and referencing
Plagiarism is regarded as a serious issue within the university system with severe consequences for
students who have been found to have plagiarised, often the minimum penalty being zero for the
assignment. You should be aware that in previous offerings of this course a number of students were
referred to the Academic Integrity Officer. All students should ensure that they are familiar with the
plagiarism policy and referencing requirements before commencing the assignment in this course.
    If information contained in the assignment is not your own words or ideas you must acknowledge
    the source within the text of the paper as well as in the reference list.
    If you use another person‟s words (i.e. you quote) you must indicate that this is a direct quote
    (usually by quotation marks) and reference the source (including the page number) within the text
    of the paper. Including the source in the reference list or bibliography is not sufficient. Changing,

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