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                                      Group Assignment
这种分配是必须要做的是一组最多4人。小组成员可以来自不同的辅导班。总字数限制在4500字以内 - 附录(包括,例如计算)可以连接,并在字的限制上将不被计算。
This assignment is to be done in a group of maximum 4 people. Group members can be from different
tutorial classes. The word limit is 4500 words in total – appendix (including, for example calculations)
can be attached and will not be counted in the word limit. Due date is Friday, 1June at 4pm, to be
submitted into the assignment box in the Professions Undergraduate Hub, on the ground floor, 10
Pulteney Street. Penalties of 5 % will apply for every day late.
In order to understand the impact of financial crisis on bank performance and risk management,
as banking analysts you and your team are required to undertake the following projects using 2
banks : one Australian bank and one bank from a country in the Eurozone.
You have to determine the banks and appropriate periods of analysis to capture the impact of the
financial crisis, especially the European debt crisis that developed from late 2009, with the
situation becoming particularly tense in early 2011.

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