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For the foreign banks, they need face to the different country environment, dissimilar banking systems, and the different banking regulation. Uniformity, the domestic banks face to the new challenge. When the new banks entry to Chinese financial market, they need to find the way to competition with strong competitors. In the same time, domestic banks need to solve the problem which is existent matter in past time.

This dissertation will state the country environment and the Chinese banking system, according to the literature review, find the remaining problems, and current structure of banking, then focus on compare the foreign bank and domestic bank, analysis the new challenge in domestic banks and foreign banks after China’s WTO accession. Finally, give some recommendation and conclusion.

1.1 Research objective

The main objective of this paper is to compare and contrast the foreign bank and domestic bank system, and use some cases to illustrate the foreign bank effect domestic banks, and then give some analysis and discussion, it’s lead to know the current circumstances of China’s banking sector and Foreign banks in China

1.2 Research Question

To achieve the objective, my research tries to find the answer for the comparison and contrast between foreign bank and the domestic banks in the post-WTO period. The question in detail is followed:

 What the macro environment effect foreign bank entry to China ?

 How dose the operation of foreign bank in China?

 Compare the foreign Banks, what should the domestic bank do?

 How did the Chinese financial market change in past time?

 Who is the winner in Chinese financial market?

1.3 Research Significance

Following Deng Xiaoping’s reform and open the door policy, the Chinese leaders regard the WTO accession as the second most important change in China’s economic policy regime. After China’s WTO accession, the Chinese financial market has the space of developing and opportunities. For example, it can attract more and more foreign investors. When the foreign financial institution entry to China, they can bring considerable capital,for the regulation, when the foreign bank set up the branches in China, they must bring the 100,000,000 RMB capital, if they can deal in RMB operation, they must increase 30,000,000 RMB. (source: Another example is when China’s WTO accession, the competition will become more actively, it can promote domestic bank reform and developing. 

However, when the foreign bank entry to China, they will have the enough ability to solve some problem. Because they need to face the different environment and banking system, they must adapt the new strategy to face the dissimilar banking regulation in China.

In the same time, the domestic bank has the challenge for foreign bank. Compare with the foreign bank, the domestic has some shortages, such as NPLs, tax etc. They also have some advantages, compare with foreign bank in the China. For example, there are some restrictions for foreign banks, such as service objects, the working and operation area. So face these shortages and advantages, the domestic banks need find the new strategy and reform to become stronger, in order to competitive with the foreign banks.

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