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 Corporate banking

In recent year, this business of foreign banks in China has some edge over the domestic banks, especially in liquid asset management, international factoring, and after-credit services. The foreign banks have the clear positioning on their client category. They attract clients with their advantages products. However, the main clients of the foreign banks also are multi-nationals in China and all types of the foreign invested enterprises. Some services for the domestic enterprises only at the beginning period.

 Financial derivatives marketing

Some large international banks are active and agencies in international financial derivatives markets. Meanwhile, there are an increasing number of the Chinese firms have become users of international financial derivatives products to hedge the increasing market risk. So this trend can give the foreign banks provide the financial derivatives services in China.

 Bank card marketing 

Before, some of foreign banks have made partnerships with Chinese financial institutions, especially banks, to promote credit card services. After China’s WTO accession package, the banking card market will be fully open to foreign institutions in 2007. On 6 May 2008, Bank of East Asia announced its debit card system had passed central bank testing, making it the first foreign lender to be authorized. After this, other foreign banks are also preparing to launch RMB debit cards. The clients in China will soon have more choices for bank cards.

 Cross-selling of the investment and insurance products

Many foreign banks have run the cross-selling business by providing banking, investment, and insurance products to the same client in their home country. This business can gain the high return. Because of the current regulatory separation principle between” banking, investment, and insurance operation” this business is difficult to operation by both domestic and foreign financial institutions.

6.4.3 Customer group 

Despite there is national treatment between the domestic banks and foreign banks, the consumers of the foreign banks less than domestic bank. People in China can free to choice banks, however, the less know about foreign banks make them prefer to save their money in traditional Chinese banks. The personal customers for foreign banks are mainly from foreign citizen resident in China. in 2007, the foreign banks had about 173,200 customers. For the corporate business, the foreign banks focus the domestic industries which is foreign invested, and wholly foreign invested enterprises. The businesses of the SOEs were controlled by domestic financial institutions. In recent year, the foreign banks utilize their high technology products to attract high quality consumer to make the profits.

6.4.4 Financial review

For the foreign banks financial figures, the publication was limited, so there adopted the CBRC annual reports by 2007 to analysis. After China’s WTO accession, more and more foreign banks invest in China. China gradually increases by every year. Despites achievement of foreign banks in China were not prominent, the foreign banks increased these every year.

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