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7.3.1 Geographical distribution

The HSBC China has the 67 outlets in mainland China. In these area, they have 17 branches in the Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and so on. These area are rich people concentrated cities or economic developed cities. In this mean, these cities have potential financial benefits to foreign banks. Now the HSBC China began to expand the net work in the west of China’s modern cities. However, compare with the CCB which is the one of earliest and largest state-owned commercial banks, HSBC China’s network less than that in the CCB. The CCB has the long history in mainland China, now they have the net work of approximately 13629 branch outlets, it cover every region of China, such as rural, town, small and medium-sized cities, and modern cities. The extensively net works is benefits in personal retail services. Because the ATM, branches can give the clients bring the convenient services. 

7.3.2 Corporate governance and risk management

After the CCB reform, there is an improve of the corporate governance and risk management system compare with past years. Compare with the HSBC China, the CCBs’s governance and risk management also need adjust and gradually ameliorate. Because HSBC China is belong to HSBC group. HSBC group is world’s largest banking and financial services organisations; they completed set of the normative risk management system and the regulations of governance. Focus on the risk management system, there are some different between the CCB and HSBC China.

Firstly, it is the organization or framework. the HSBC China’s risk management very comprehensive, they established many specialization departments to control and management the credit risk. However, the CCB’s systems were more simplex, the less communications between the departments and committees.

Secondly, it is the consciousness of the risk control. The HSBC China recognition the risk control, however the CCB recognition the write-off NPLs. HSBC China will adopted many measures to control the financial risk. They will analysis the clients’ condition in detail, such as scale of company, manager’s experiences, capital of shareholders and so on. They will choice the clients very strict. However, the CCB did not have comprehensive measures to control them. Despite the CCB set the risk classify system, they only analysis and check at the beginning of year, this can’t timely reflect the financial risk.

Thirdly, it is the deal with NPLs. The HSBC China recognition the transform NPLs. When the loan have some problems, the manager will set the specialize group help the client analysis market capability, competitor and some conditions in details, help client resolve problems to reduce the NPLs. However, the some condition was occurred in the CCB. The CCB will dispose guaranty.

7.3.3 Financial talent 

When the government roundly opens the banking sector to meet its WTO commitments, the human resources battle for the best and brightest in the financial sector has escalated as well.

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