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 Improve regulatory effectiveness

The CBRC need improve the regulatory effectiveness, they need set up the comprehensive system to supervise the domestic banks, such as operational risk, credit risk, and market risk, etc. Required the banks strictly implement the liability mechanism, published the real and exact financial report, control the bank crimes.

8.1.2 Recommendation for foreign banks in China

Base on the WTO accession, the foreign banks have many opportunities and potentially market share in China. However, the foreign banks need to develop their strategies to exploiting them. Following show some recommendation on foreign banks can develop or succeed in the future:

 Building the brand recognition 

The brand recognition may importance for expand the business in China. Some people didn’t know the foreign banks’ name. They didn’t know their reputation. According to the survey in some financial institutions, 63.63% of the people whose age above 46, they claimed even though foreign banks were provide better services, they will not save money into the foreign banks. They thought the foreign banks will bankrupt, but the Chinese banks are quite safe, because the SOBCs were guaranteed by the government.

The foreign banks need overcome this mistrustful, make the customer loyalty. Then make the consumers know this brand, make more consumers understanding their competitive strength, and capital adequacy. The foreign banks need to spend time and money to propagandize their service and product and brand recognition.

 Increase profitable clients 

The foreign banks need find the potential client. For the Chinese traditional banks have the long history and market share. They provide the quite familiar services to consumers. However, some of clients were not satisfy to services of the domestic banks. The foreign banks need catch this point, have effective communication with them, and make their open new account in their banks.

To achieve this purpose, the foreign banks need understanding the Chinese market, Chinese people and culture. In some circumstances, they need to change their bank services to suit the taste of the Chinese clients. Hence, the foreign banks need to find the way to attract them, and analysis the clients’ condition, create and increase profitable clients.

8.2 Conclusion

This dissertation introduces Chinese banking system reform and analysis the performance and operation of both Chinese domestic banks and foreign banks after China’s entry into WTO. It attempts employ the numbers of the data to analysis the situation of banking industry. The literature, the WTO factor, Chinese banking reform, major problems of Chinese banking sector and so on, has been presented.

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