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college essay:Research on service quality of China’s intern

Research on service quality of China’s internet bank


1.1 Research background
1.1.1 Internet banking market has huge potential
1). The number of Internet users’ rapid growth provides a good foundation for Internet banking
China's Internet economy in 2006 greet a new peak of development, according to the market research company IRESEARACH survey information shows that in 2006 China's Internet users reached 165 million, representing a growth of 30 per cent compared with last year. It is expected that in 2007 the number of Internet users will reach 205.6 million. The number of Internet users’ rapid growth has provided a good foundation for online banking in China.

Source: Iresearch,

2) Internet banking business has increased rapidly
On June 1996, the United States began to Internet banking, then eight months later, the Bank of China also set up web sites on the Internet, via the Internet to provide banking services to the community, which marks the first domestic bank in the Internet, after nine years, domestic online banking is growing in an unprecedented speed, Internet banking business is rapidly increasing. This is shown in customer numbers and transaction amount two aspects.

According to market consulting firm IRESEARCH "China's Internet Banking 2006 report" shows that the number of domestic users of Internet banking in 2001 from 2.15 million increases to 18 million in 2006, accounting for 16.9% of the number of the whole Internet users. It is expected in 2007 this ratio will increase to 21.7 percent.


With Internet banking’ s development in China, the number of users increase and the frequency of use increase, China's online bank transactions from 2003’s 23.3 trillion Yuan rose to 49.3 trillion Yuan in 2004, the growth 103.2% compared with last year.

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