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Risk management is one of the forever unchangeable subjects on commercial bank management. In the circumstances of modern market economics, with the development of financial derivates and 留学生论文网innovation of financial instruments, the banking risks are becoming huger than before, the category and behavior form are becoming much more diverse and complex than before as well. Especially after the financial crisis, today’s weak and volatile market makes commercial banks uneasy about their business. All the banks are eager to look for more business opportunities internationally and explore a bigger potential market by overseas operation.

Among the potential markets, China can be seen as the most tempting one to the foreign investors. As the largest developing country, the performance and role of China in world economy was much discussed as the country’s economic growth has been in a period of stabilization and recovery. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, even though arrested the downturn from global financial crisis, China's GDP still grew by 8.9% in 2009, investment expanded at a faster pace, and consumption still maintained a steady growth by 16.9% in order to make up for lost export business during the recession . In the past 20-odd years, China’s capital market has opened step by step to the outside world and showed its profit potential to the investors. Since then, many foreign banks have substantially increased their presence in China by opening new branches, acquiring equities of local banks, and advancing into new areas of business operation once largely inaccessible to them. The Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (Metrobank) is an example of those foreign banks.
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank) is the biggest full-services bank in Philippines and also is the flagship company of the Metrobank Group. Its subsidiaries and affiliates include: Banks, Investment Corporations, Leasing & Finance Co., Insurance Corporations, Securities Corp., Automotive Corp. (a joint venture with Toyota Motor Corp. and Mitsui & Co., of Japan), Remittance Companies, Credit Card Co. and Traveling Co. etc. As a universal bank, it provides a full range of banking services to large local and multinational corporations, middle market, high net worth individuals, and retail segments. Besides the 552 domestic branches, Metrobank’s international presence currently spans over 800 offices in 21 countries. Outside the Philippines, it has branches, offices and subsidiaries in USA, Britain, Spain, Japan, Korea, Singapore and China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan). Among these, China no doubt is one of the most important oversea markets of the Bank. Therefore, in this thesis, my research object will be Metrobank’s Shanghai Branch, which was established as representative office in 1992 and officially promoted to be a branch in October, 2002. Following is the brief organizational system of Metrobank:

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