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媒体学大众传播专业论文-Mass Communication Theory-大众传播理论

Mass Communication Theory

My research paper deals with the role of mass media. I will analyze the modification of traditional sources and introduction of new ones. I’ll try to show the importance of mass media on the example of recent events in Virginia. People get to know about recent incidents in amazingly short period of time. All media sources are highly beneficial in this way. But on the other hand people get lost in wide variety of modern and traditional means of communication. Magazines, newspapers, TV, Internet resources contain great amounts of information. All of them regularly inform people of political, scientific and cultural affairs. It is important to analyze the meaning of new mass media from theoretical and historical perspective.

The 16th of April will go down in US history for the most violent massacre in the higher institution. Mass Media will undoubtedly rivet attention to this tragic event for a long time to pass. Its aim is to analyze the massacre from several points. Firstly it gives general information and then investigates circumstances and finds out reasons. The criminal opened fire in the dormitory and killed two fellows early in the morning. Later he killed at least 32 people and committed suicide. After the murderer has killed 2 people in the dormitory, he entered the classroom with 20 people in it. The professor was shot first. Then he began to shoot at students. Some of them hid under the desks, others tried to jump out of the window. Journalists also take into account evidences of witnesses. Thus, students admitted the killer looked like a normal Asian guy. He didn’t say a word but just entered the classroom and opened fire. Only four students safely survived. Others were either killed or wounded. Students say the most dreadful thing was his thoughtful concentrated face, which looked both angry and frightened.
Nowadays technological development helps to spread news faster than it was before. Detailed information is provided by newspapers, journals, TV-programs and Internet. Mass media provides evidences of students, police officers, parents and government. According to police evidences, the murderer locked entrance doors before his violent assault. When police finally managed to get into the faculty building the criminal was already dead. Police tries to clear out intentions of the murderer. A range of mass media reported that this man came to the USA from South Korea last year. It is suspected that he wasn’t even the University student. The main drawback of mass media is uncertainty. Although it spreads information very fast, there appear different versions of the same event. One of them for example is that there were two different people who shot in the dormitory and in the classroom. It is noted that the murderer was described differently. Although local police officers admitted there were apparently two of them, American mass media sources assure that the murderer was one person. Students blame administration for not taking measures before the real massacre began. The Technological University has approximately 26,000 students. Victims of this incident were sent to hospitals. Students and professors were evacuated and classes were cancelled for unknown period of time. Local authorities declared state of emergency. Having analyzed various sources of mass media, I must admit that most of them emphasize the similarity of bloody shootings in the USA. The majority of them occur at schools and other educational institutions. But this one is the most violent and tragic murder ever known.

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