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Journalism and Mass Communicat范文:Mass Media and our lives

Journalism and Mass Communicat范文:Mass Media and our lives

Abstract: The mass media and our college life are closely related to network and TV, but we should be wary of the adverse effects of the network and television, rational use of the network, the correct view of the TV phenomenon, is entertainment instead of being stupid Music "

Keywords: network, partner, television, entertainment, stupid music

Referred to as the mass media, mass media. Be more specific that is to pass news and information carrier; general term for newspapers, news agencies, radio, television, newsreels and news journals. Until this day and age can also include the network, of course, scholars believe that the phone is the "fifth media"! In short it can be said that modern life has long been off with the mass media can not, and even can be said to be closely related. Therefore the mass media influence is far-reaching of modern man, especially in the last century it gradually as the network of well known TV and have just recently developed, more can be said to rewrite our generation relative generation everyday life trajectory! Here I will only college students, mainly to talk about these and our closest media affect our lives.

Network, the closest partners of university life
With the popularization and development of network technology, the Internet is its irresistible charm, to spread its tentacles into every corner of our lives!

At the university, want to learn can often skipping, but not without a network, because a similar exam documents downloaded from the Internet to examination temporary hold clasping, the effect is indeed very good; shopping can not see the dormitory door, but not without a network. Taobao Mall things the exact inexpensive and very convenient, door-to-door sign word things on hand; entertainment can be a person, anyone like to watch movies, like to listen to music, or chat, play chess, play games, you can share with strangers thousands or tens of thousands of miles away; our dear QQ has changed many people's way of making friends, it can be linked to the long - lost an old friend. acquainted with friends far away in miles, but also can be used as free long distance calls, so that more communication become possible; even want to pour their own pent-up despair, can also be widely advertised, has become the so-called blog or space, but also Forum arbitrary speak their minds it is hard to forget; even when Zhuge Mr. cottage, one-third conceivable world ", is no longer the extraordinary wonders in this Internet age, female otaku house are not only familiar with the chest of national affairs for the world some Oddities can also stay at home, and talked about more than

Above all all for our generation may be a novelty, however, we have long taken for granted, which is a network of endless charm lies, it is also the most scary.

Bring happiness in the enjoyment of science and technology is at the same time a lot of people in the online world on this fall, and every day in the net bar, or sitting on in dormitories your own computer in front of escapism pressure, the blind pursuit of the virtual world to bring the thrill of stand-alone game. online games, many games at once up. In the virtual world which we can not only experience to act as a hero, the savior of pride, you can also rewrite history, control regime personal imaginary! Or endless chatter, nonsense, or is importune! Whether "film transfer", "7456 (mad at me)" or "game", the prevalence of some of the network vocabulary let me without thinking about if there is a time machine, if I go 50 years after the world look I am also confident that he and they are the people of the same century?

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