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Journalism and Mass Communication Thesis Handbook

Journalism and Mass Communication   Thesis Handbook 

 1. Principle for writing thesis / project:
1.    The thesis / project should be done in English on a topic relevant to journalism and mass communication.
2.    Be clear with your study purposes, concept, method and structure.
3.    Thesis / project can be conducted by individual student or in a group of 2-3 students.
4.    The minimum requirement for thesis by individual student is 8,000 words and 12,000 words for group work.
5.    Thesis supervisors should be full-time or part-time faculty members at Ming Chuan University.
6.    Students need to find his or her advisor and discuss with the advisor on the purposes, methods, and expecting findings or conclusion of his or her thesis or project. Fail to do so, you will not get grade on your thesis or project.
2. Key elements:  
1.    Choose your team members and find your advisor.
2.    Select your study topic with great care and have a deep discussion with your advisor before you make the final decision.
2.    Hand in the application form (see the appendix D) to IC office on the 3rdweek of the first semester of senior year. Be sure to have your advisor’s signature before turning in your application form.
3.    Have your proposal done by the end of the 4thweek (for your reference) of the first semester of senior year. (Content of your proposal to be discussed with your advisor)
4.    Work intensively with your advisor to have your thesis or project properly finished on schedule set by IC and your advisor (see the appendix B).
5.    By the end of the first semester of senior year (week 18th), two major requirements need to be accomplished:  
  (1)    Make sure your thesis or project is graded;
(2)    Two final copies of your thesis or project should be ready, one for IC, one for advisor.
3. Structure and Content for Thesis:
1.  Cover: Degree、Name of Department、Thesis topic、Name of student、Advisor、Finished date.(See the appendix C)  
2.  Main page: content、format and cove are the same.
3.  Abstract:
 Includes research questions、goals、research methods and end-result.
 Each abstract should not exceed 500 words.
4.  Acknowledgement:
 Acknowledgement will  be  to Advisor  and  those who  help  you  during your study process.
 One A4 Size page will be acceptable.
5.  Contents:
 Contents: includes chapters、references、appendix and page number.

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