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英国大众媒体文化传播论文-从英国的角度看网络期刊出版-Web journals publishing: a UK per

Web journals publishing: a UK perspective(英国大众媒体文化传播论文范文由英国论文网-留学生论文代写中心提供整理)
Steve Hitchcock,* Leslie Carr and Wendy Hall
The Open Journal Project
Multimedia Research Group
Department of Electronics and Computer Science
University of Southampton
Southampton SO17 1BJ, United Kingdom
†The Open Journal project is funded in the UK by JISC’s Electronic Libraries (eLib) Programme award
This paper is updated from a presentation first given at the 20th annual conference of the UK Serials
Group held in Edinburgh in April 1997.
For those that prefer to read on paper this report appears in the journal Serials and that is the version of
record which can be cited as:
Hitchcock, S, Carr, L, and Hall, W, 1997, Web journals publishing: a UK perspective. Serials, Vol.10,
No.3, November, 285-299
This Web version November 1997
The views expressed in this paper are independent of the managing committees of the two major schemes
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The Pilot Site Licence Initiative (PSLI) and the Electronic Libraries (eLib) research programme have been
catalysts for dramatic change in journals publishing in the UK. Covering over 30 publishers and over 20 other
e-journals and e-journal research projects, this report marks the extent of the change and reflects on how
e-journals will develop next.
Keywords: digital publishing, electronic journals, electronic libraries
E-journal developments in context
What is a 'UK' journals perspective?
OPEN JOURNAL PAPER Web journals publishing: a UK perspective
[29/10/2003 18:45:16]
Catalysts for change in the UK
PSLI: its wider impact
Beyond the PSLI
A note on journal formats
A note on pricing
Some other UK e-journals
Electronic journals: the eLib experience
Original e-journals
Parallel e-journals
Integrating services
E-print projects
eLib in perspective
Confounding expectations
Authors' note: why 'circa'?
List of tables
Table 1. Evolution of a species: the growth of peer-reviewed e-journals 1994-97
Table 2. Online journals produced by HEFC pilot site licence publishers
Table 3. Other UK-connected journal publishers on the Web
Table 4. E-journals on BioMedNet
Table 5. E-journals produced and distributed by Catchword
Table 6. E-journals produced and distributed by Bioline
Table 7. Formats used for e-journals
Table 8. Independent UK e-journals
Table 9. Original eLib e-journals
Table 10. Parallel e-journal projects within eLib
Table 11. Integrating services projects within eLib
Table 12. E-print projects within eLib

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