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英国伦敦大学留学生媒体学硕士论文-非集成产品广告在英国电视节目中的植入式探究-Explicit, non-integra

英国论文网,英国论文汇集的知识领域,英国伦敦大学留学生媒体学硕士论文有留学欧美的硕博人才为您提供论文写作指导。英国伦敦大学留学生媒体学硕士论文写作需要请联系qq77276002.本文阐述了非集成产品广告在英国电视节目中的植入式研究。Explicit, non-integrated product placement in British television programmes
Rungpaka Tiwsakul & hri Ha kley
Royal HoI/oway, University ofLondon
I abelle zmigin
University ofBirmingham Business chool
The r pid increa e in the volume and variety of product plac ment approach ha outpacedresearch in the fi ld. There i a marked shortage of tudie that addre particularproduct plac m nt (pp) technique in p cified itu tional ontext. Thi pap r reportthe category of pp known as explicit, non-integrated product placement in the context ofBriti h televi ion programmes. 1 he stud u ed a mall convenience ample f oun ,mixed-nationality T vie er who were familiar ith the Briti hand non-Briti h hoon Briti h commercial . Their attitude to and recognition of pp in thi cont t wereexplor d. The finding ar set within a wider-ranging review of pre iou re earch, andugge t important implic tion for promotional practice and future re arch.
Product plac ment In It ariou forms ha become a major arm of thepromotional mix in recent years. h media land cape ha chang d withindu try deregulation in man countries and the e olution of n mediatechnologie with global r ach. Audi nc have fragment d and grownceptical towards con entional advertising, the re ult bein that ad erti ingi een a ill-equipped nits 0 n, to facilitat integrat d brand communicationstrategie. Product placement trategie hav evolv d fromthe ' howing the can' approach to become incr a ingly ophi ticated.Some researcher (e.g. Karrh 1998) argue that 'brand placement' i a moreappropriate term for capturing the cope of placement activities althoughproduct plac ment remain the more common catch-all term in th
Intern ti nal Journal of Ad ertising, 24(1), pp. 95-111
© 200 d erti in ssociation
Publi hed b the 'orId d erti in Re earch enter, . ar. m 95
IN R ATI LJO R L OF ERTI J G, 2005, 24(1)
hile th growln importance of product placem nt i r fl cted in
incr a ed art ntion fr m resear hers th r is till relati ely little publi h dre arch on th pe ific cat rie f produ t plac m nt in particularmedia segm nts. Pr vious tudies in the ar a of product placem ntreported its ffects on audienc 'brand recall, r cognition and attitudeand r ealed the Ie el of acceptance of product placem nt in gen ral (e..Gupta & Gould 1997; d'A tou & S guin 1999; Ru ell 2002). Muchempirical re arch on the topic fail to distingui h between th variouproduct placement technique . There i a al 0 a general failure to differentiatebetwe n media vehicl ,often referring to 'm vies' to mean allbroadcast film drama. A further drawback of uch re earch i that thempha is on r call and artitud cann t fully plain th quality of conurnr engag ment with product plac ment and ther fore can offer onlylimit d in ight into it ffecti ne .Thi pap r r port a UK-ba ed study that focu es on a pre i u ly unrearched ar a, nam ly explicit, non-integrat d product plac ment inBriti h tele i i n programm . on-int rated plicit product placementis defined in thi study as 'a branded product which i formally e pre dbut i not int grated within the contents of the tel vi ion pr gramm 'd' tous & eguin 1999). In thi form of pp, the pon or name might bpre nted in orne form at the beginning or th end f the pr gramme,and/ r either ide of th comm rcial br ak.The importance of television for explicit non-integrated productplacementTelevision programm are identified a the focus of thi research for severalreason . Fir t pr duct pia ement in tel 1 Ion pro ramm may bmor effecti e than in movie . A film i usually an entity in which a charactr' tory nd with the movie wher as a t 1 vision programme's leadcharacters appear to Ii e in imilar time- cale to their audienc 0 thataudi nces can relate to them in term of familiarity and identification(Ru ell 199 ). In addition r gular i wer b come d ply in olved intorylines and de elop an int n e and persistent 10 alty to the pr rammand it characters (A ry & F rraro 2000). A further point is that t Ie i ionpro ramm r pre nt the b Ii f alue ideolo ie and world i w th t

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