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留学生法学论文(信息科技法information technology law 或者电子商务法)-the legal p

About 5000words due date:2010-12-25 22:00pm
领域:法学(信息科技法information technology law 或者电子商务法)

topic: the legal protection of domain name in e-commerce(电子商务中的域名保护)最好能以香港法律为例

The following aspects of the topic might be discussed.
——the relationship between domain name and trade mark(域名与商标的关系
——the conflicts between domain name and trademark right in e-commerce(电子商务领域内域名与商标权的冲突)
——domain name infringement(对域名的侵犯)
——current legal protection of domain name(域名保护的现状)
——further legal initiatives that could be taken to protect domain name(对域名保护的措施的建议)

Chapter 6 legal system of scientific and technological achievements


1, the definition and features of scientific and technological achievements

Scientific and technological achievement, is science and technology research and development as the results, it is to point to the scientific and technical workers through the creative technology has a certain except academic significance or practical value, and gain practical inspection and social admitted that the creative work of the results.

Its main features summarized as follows:

First, it belongs to the intellectual work results. Any scientific and technological achievements must be through the investigation, test, the development, the observation and so on a series of scientific research activities to reach it, not the intelligence of the scientific and technical workers labor, is impossible to produce scientific and technological achievements.

Second, the scientific and technological achievements are creative. Science and technology achievements would not rely on simple and repeatability of labor and produce out, any scientific and technological achievements, whether the scientific theoretical results, or application technology achievements or phases of scientific and technological achievements, must be creative. This creative, namely the scientific and technological achievements of science and technology achievements with always compared with substantive features and must be progress.

Third, the formation of scientific and technological achievements intangible property. Different from the scientific and technological achievements of production tangible property, it is a kind of no form, not occupy any space of the intangible property, although it will through the drawings, technical data, machine, equipment, carrier and so on to reflect its content, but carrier itself is not scientific and technological achievements. Science and technology achievements is a and has value and use value of the intangible property, in its use, the implementation process will continue to value, its reason lies in its use value has a natural interoperability and an unlimited materialization of sex.

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